Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I know you might find this odd, but my sister and I thought we grew up "normal." It wasn't until we were in college and adulthood that we realized that indeed we were not normal. We weren't even close to normal or average for that matter.

If you've read any of my blog you know that my mom was the stability in my world, and my daddy was the color in my world and when I say color, I'm not talking about the normal green, brown, blue and red. I'm talking fuschia, turquois, neon green, etc.

I didn't know we were poor even though I had thought we might be on occasion. I thought it was normal and that everyone used the "Little People" school buses for skates, that three channels in black and white was all there was, and that having a glass full of milk and crackers after evening worship was a staple of life.

We didn't watch much television at all. As a matter of fact, during the summer as soon as we would eat breakfast mom would send us outside to play until lunch. We used our imaginations, and we were forced to play with each other because we lived our in the country and not in a subdivision.

Mine and Lori's favorite meal was fish sticks, tater tots and Ranch Style beans...I still enjoy it for nostalgia sake. We ate every meal at the table as a family. We went to church as a family. Lori and I were at church every time the doors were open whether we thought we needed it or not, and we actually had fun once we were there.

I wonder what my kids will say about their upbringing, about their parents, about life as they know it. I wonder.

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  1. Kristy,

    I always loved how your dad added "color" to your lunches by cutting your sandwich in strange ways! I can still see you laughing and shaking your head about it. :)

    Renee Brendle


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