Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Scrub boards. Attic fans. Victrola. Record players. Typewriters. Eight track players. Pony Express. Televisions with knobs and no remotes. (I’m convinced some people had children just to change the station on the TV!) VCRs. Floppy disks. Bag phones. Rotary phones. 35 MM negatives. Folding maps. Home phones. Pay phones. Phone booths. CDs. WHAT DO THESE THINGS HAVE IN COMMON? They are either obsolete or are on their way to being obsolete.

At one point in time, each of these were considering cutting edge. We couldn’t see living our lives without them, and yet when the upgrade came along, we adapted and adjusted our way of living to incorporate the new item. I remember when Steve had the first pager and bag phone I had ever seen...(My sister and I used to tell people his pager was really a garage door opener.)

Do you remember the small, green screens on computers? Do you remember the first Atari games – Ping Pong?

I’ve often wonder what my great grandmother would think if she would have seen my work computer when someone in Illinois was using my mouse solving the problem on my system.

My soon-to-be eleven, year-old daughter often makes me feel obsolete and antiquated, and puberty hasn’t even hit!

Recently, I was going through photographs getting them organized by years. I went from 35 mm film negatives, to discs, to memory chips for my digital camera.

I remember when I worked in my dad’s State Farm office in high school that I would have to call in the claims to the claims office. Whenever daddy would hear me on the phone dictating the loss, he would intentionally come into my office and do whatever he could to get me laughing so hard that I would have to hang up and recall to start over. Now, people go to the internet to turn in their claims.

As much as things have changed, there is one thing that remains the same. He never changes. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Consistency – I look for it. I crave it. It’s security. Hebrews 11:8, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever” (NIV).

When your world seems to be spinning out of control and changing faster than you can keep up, when your life seems to be mass chaos rest assured your Rock, your Savior is as steady and confident about the plans and the future He has in store for you (Jer 29:11). He is as relevant today as He was with Moses. He is as current today as He was with Paul. He is alive today and actively participating in the lives of believers working it out for their good just as He has for centuries in the past and centuries to come. He will never become obsolete. Something for which to be thankful!

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