Tuesday, February 19, 2013


The best defense is a good offense. Have you ever heard that quote? To be completely honest, I had to look up the quote because I am notorious for messing up quotes. What it means is if your offensive team (the team in possession of the ball) can control the ball in order to score, it limits the amount of time the other team will get the ball. The less time the other team has the ball, the less time your team has to defend itself. Is that clear as mud?

When attorneys take a civil case to trial, the plaintiff gets to present their case first. The attorney presents witnesses and documents to support the claims made in the suit. Sometimes attorneys will pay for whistleblowers to testify against the defendant. Often times, they use these whistleblowers thinking they have the golden ticket to a verdict in their favor. You see, if you are a whistleblower, it means you have an intricate knowledge of how the plaintiff acted or how decisions were made. The attorney is paying the whistleblower tell what they know. People tend to believe the whistleblower until they are cross-examined. That is when the plaintiff attorney attacks the whistleblower – work ethic, how much they’re being paid, work product, reason for them being fired, etc. If you are a whistleblower, it is a very uncomfortable situation.

Saul now Paul in Acts was a whistleblower. Why do you think God chose him? When Paul was Saul, he was one of the most educated Jews there was. If God made a believer of Saul about salvation through Jesus Christ then he had a warrior in the fight to save Jews. He was able to point out the prophesy that was read every Sabbath and how it was fulfilled in Jesus Christ. He pointed out how the Jews put to death Jesus Christ the one whom the prophets foretold. Needless to say, the Jews didn’t take to kind to Paul telling them they had killed the Savior, the Savior their Yahweh had promised. While some repented, many continued to reject Paul’s words. What’s funny though is that the Jewish leaders would offer him the opportunity to speak on the Sabbath. What did they possibly think he would say?

In Acts 13 in Paul’s sermon he sticks with the facts. The facts they have studied and heard every Sabbath of their entire lives. The next Sunday there was a revival and almost the whole city showed up, that’s when Paul got to the part that now God was offering this salvation to the God-fearing Gentiles. Don’t you know there were some Gentiles rejoicing in the house of God that day!

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