Monday, February 3, 2014

In Her Sandals

There are some days you just want to crawl right back into bed, but that really isn’t an option nor a wise choice for me today. It’s already been an exhausting day, and it’s not even noon yet. As a matter of fact, my day started when men burst into my home and yanked me out of my bed not even allowing me to get completely dressed. I was shocked like anyone would be and then fear set in. These men were going to have me killed. I began begging and pleading with them, but no one was listening. I tried to explain about the man in my bed, but no one wanted to hear what I had to say. They just left him in my bed which is why going back to bed would not be a wise choice for me today.

I’ve never claimed to be a good girl. I’m a girl who gets by. I’ve made more than a few bad decision several times in my life, this morning being one of them, or maybe I should say last night was a bad decision.

I quickly realize these men aren’t interested in anything I might have to say. My fate is sealed. I know enough to know that they are going to kill me, have me stoned, and it’s not even noon yet. Have I said that already!? Not that I have thought about how I would die, but if I did, this certainly would be the way nor the reason.

They take me to the Temple where there’s a teacher speaking to an audience. I’m having to walk quickly and trip over the cobblestone. I’m breathing heavily and my hair falls into my face. These men who have me by the arms just barge in and throw me into the middle of the teacher and his class and tell me to stand there. They then begin telling this teacher what they caught me doing. I am humiliated. I’m barely dressed and now they are exposing everything. I have no dignity left. They ask this teacher what to do with me. They say there’s Moses’s Law that says I should be stoned. This man they are pressing for an answer is obviously a wise man. He kneels as if he’s thinking about his words, and they keep badgering him. I try to cover what I can, but there really isn’t much use. This man is near my feet and he’s drawing on the ground. Finally, he rises. I brace myself for what is to come, for what I deserve.

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