Monday, June 14, 2010

Knows I Could Handle Some Things Better

As many of you know, I refer to my children as "motion" and "commotion." Erin who started talking in full sentences at 18 months, who wakes up talking and goes to bed talking is the "commotion" part of the duo, and Pearce who wakes up moving and moves all day until he just gives out is the "motion." They are quite an entertaining duo when I'm not having to referee, but there are just days, especially hormonal days, that if I have to repeat myself one more time, referee another argument, or answer the same question one more time… I snap. I feel like my head should pop off my neck and start spinning, and typically what comes out of my mouth is not what I want to say or how I would want to say it if I were in my right mind. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

I don't remember my mom losing her cool very often, but when she did, it got the attention of her Attention Deficit Hyperactive daughter (me). I wish I was as calm as she, but I'm not her. I don't have her strengths, her gifts, and her temperament and to compare myself to her or anyone else is not fair to me or my Creator because He makes one-of-a-kinds only. Not only that, but He has chosen the children for each of us to raise even those of us who adopt our children. Nothing surprises Him – THANK YOU, JESUS!
I also think He chooses children who will make the parent lean on Him the most. Granted, I don't have any biblical backing on that. It's just a personal observation. For example, He chose me, an ADHD, Dr. Dobson strong-willed child to be mothered by Sandra, an organized melancholy. In turn, He has blessed me with Erin who moves at a very slow pace and sees life as a party missing the details in instructions, and then He blessed me with Pearce (the answer to my mother's prayers). I am now raising an active, strong-willed boy. (Thanks, mom.) In truth, they make me smile and laugh more than anything else, but they definitely can drive me to my knees quicker than most anything else. God, I pray the power of the blood of the cross from the top of their heads to the bottom of their feet. Keep Satan from taking hold in their hearts, souls and minds. Lord, give me the strength and courage to parent my children as they need to be parented. Please give me wisdom to know how to handle each situation, each discipline issue, each moment with grace and mercy. Lord, thank you for choosing me to be their mother. Thank you, Lord that whatever difficult thing we are going through is a phase, a season that will come and go. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of laughter, and thank you, Lord, for forgiving me when I mess up. I love you, Lord. Amen.
Personally, I think it's good to apologize to our children when we blow it. It teaches them we are human. They don't need to see us beating ourselves up over our mistakes. They need to hear us praying to our heavenly Father asking for forgiveness. They need to hear us ask them for forgiveness too. It also teaches them how to ask for forgiveness. It gives them the opportunity to exercise grace and mercy, and it can create a stronger bond if allowed.

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