Sunday, November 14, 2010

…Pearce Is to Be Sacrificed

This past Monday night at the dinner table, the kids and I were eating supper, and there was a lull in the conversation. Let's just say that rarely happens with my daughter at the table. But during that brief moment, Pearce piped up and asked, "Mom, when can I be sacrificed?"

(In that split moment, my mind flashed back to Sunday morning. I had been running all of the church selling tickets for the Christmas tea, lovin' on women of all ages, and as I headed to my small group I see my husband propped up against the wall with THE look on his face. I walk past my class to my husband who points across the hall to THE BOY. Patrick said, "He's all yours." Pearce had gone too far and had pushed more buttons than his daddy could handle. Pearce with his red-rimmed eyes bowed his head. Both of them had been through the wringer.)

So when Pearce asked the question the answer that immediately popped in my mind was, "Boy, you came an inch from being sacrificed on Sunday!" Fortunately, I refrained, and I asked if he meant baptized. Yes, that was the word. I was going to glaze over it and wait for his daddy to get home, so we could both talk to him about it, but Erin charged on in. "Have you heard of the sinner's prayer?" she asked. "Yes." "Well, you're a sinner, and you have to ask Jesus into your heart in the sinner's prayer." "I know I'm a sinner. I guess I'll pray tonight at bedtime," Pearce responded. "There is no need to wait," Erin replied. "You can say it right now." I jumped into the conversation at this point and asked some questions to lead him through and to make sure he understood what he was doing and why. He prayed and asked Jesus into his heart right then and there. We called his daddy, and it was a great evening.

I started blogging about my new journey of faith. Waiting on God to reveal the next thing to happen in my life regarding the ministry He has me to do and the career I've done for so long. A journey of faith can be one that grows your faith deeper. It can be one that stretches what you already know. It can be one that takes you places you've never been before. I have a mentor that says, "Not once has God ever taken me someplace that I thought, 'Yeah, this is where I wanted to go'." Meaning God's plans for us are higher than our plans and His ways higher than ours (Isaiah 55), but no matter where He leads us it is typically not the exact location where we had intended on going, but it is exactly the place where we want to be. I was wondering how to fit this blog into this new series of my faith journey, and I think it fits perfectly.

I've been thinking about Pearce's question this week. "When can I be sacrificed?" As Christians we have to die to self, our selfish desires, and our egos daily (sometimes more frequent than that). By sacrificing our wills and ourselves to His will and His way is to truly live the overcoming life of a Christian, isn't it? The answer to Pearce's question is "anytime we feel that we have the RIGHT to be in 'CONTROL', anytime our selfish desires exceed the need to be in His presence, or anytime we make ourselves more important than our Creator" is when we need to sacrifice self. I am sacrificing what I think is a good gig, a job I've enjoyed for many years and have attained awards and recognition for, for what He wants for me. For what He wants for me is HIS BEST! What I want would be less than best for not only me, but my family.

So, as Pearce begins his new life as a Christian and I start my journey to see where God will lead me career-wise, we are both beginning a journey of faith. God's timing is perfect, and I am so blessed.

I am so blessed to have both of my children come to know Christ as their Lord and Savior at an early age. I've prayed for this since before they were born. My prayers will continue now that they will love God with all their hearts and every day of their lives serving Him faithfully. God is so good.

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