Friday, July 29, 2011

A Ten Year Old's Adventure into Missions

Today’s guest blog is written by my ten year-old daughter, Erin. This was her first mission trip, and she was the youngest one there. I had my concerns, but she did great, and I am so proud. Here are her thoughts and lessons she learned.

At the beginning of the trip, I was excited to see Hannah. We did block parties together. We did nails together. She also helped me pass out the bracelets I made to the kids there. She’s a really nice girl and a great friend.

Erin is passing out her bracelets she made.

I saw lots of cows on the side of the road. I also saw children everywhere. We saw tons of mountains formed from volcanoes. We saw very small houses and rows of corn slanted on the mountains. I saw someone washing their clothes in the stream. In the country I watched women making pupusas. Pupusas is a Salvadoran dish made of something like tortillas filled with cheese, beans or pork.

I heard lots of Spanish each day. I heard laughter at the block parties. I heard crying too. The last thing I heard was everyone saying, “Adios, amigos.”

When we were in El Salvador I met this girl named Pati. She was 12, and we started playing soccer together. Then later I gave her a green purse that I had brought from home. I painted her nails and did jumpies with her, and me and her turned out to be “amigos.”

I felt sad for the people there because they are very poor. I felt sad to leave the Resendez family. I also felt happy to be back home. I felt really tired when I got back home.

I learned that we are more fortunate here, and that we should not take everything for granted. We should treat our stuff very well because the people there don’t have a lot of stuff. We should also be grateful for the water we have here. I think it was a great trip. It was really fun. I think it was a great experience. I will be going on another mission trip. If you like to do missions, you would like to do this.

Erin helped in the nursery on Sunday morning during church which is somethings she does at our church.
I’d like to thank all the people who gave money, who bought a bracelet, or who prayed for us. I’m very glad you are a part of my life. And thanks again. It was really kind of you to do that.


  1. Erin, great job on your blog! I think that some day you will have your own blogsite, and you will write all the time. I am very proud of all you accomplished to get ready for your trip and then everything you did while in El Salvador. A lot of those children will probably remember you for a long time because of the bracelets and other things that you gave them; but, mostly, they'll remember your smile and the fact that you spent time with them.

  2. Erin - I want to tell you how glad I was that you went on our mission trip. I have been on many, many mission trips with many people who are much older than you. Sometimes, even the older folks get tired and grumpy. But even though you are young, you were happy and positive the entire time. That made me so proud of you. It was a great trip for many reasons...but one of they reasons the trip was so good was because of YOU! Let's go on another mission trip soon!

    Pastor Bryan

  3. Erin, I'm so glad you got to go on the mission trip! It looks like God used you to love on lots of people. It's so fun to be his hands and feet (and his hugs.)

    Love you sweetie! Ms. Lee

  4. Erin you are AMAZING! You've touched so many lives with your willingness to go where the Lord has led you. And thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. You have a gift with words!


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