Friday, July 1, 2011

Driving While My Car Shade Was in the Front Window -- Yep, of course, I can't explain

Today, I did something that I have never done before, and I have to preface it by telling you I had just finished swimsuit shopping (a traumatic event in and of itself) and having lunch with my mom where we talked about my passion – Women’s Ministry. My mind was coursing in a million and one different directions because I hadn’t taken my Strattera in a couple of days, so I can have multiple thought processes going at one time, and I can talk REALLY, REALLY, REALLY fast.

I pulled up to the light nearest my office, and as I pressed the brake and came to a stop, I reached over, grabbed the silver reflector that I put on my front dash to keep the heat out, and I began putting it in the window…my front window. Did I mention that I was stopped at a red light? After I completed the task, I looked around and saw the vehicle next to me and the driver within it. I immediately snapped back into reality realizing those around me could see me sitting at the red light with my car shade up and functioning. I immediately started doing the nervous laugh that went to flat out gales of laughter with tears rolling down my face, as I prayed to God that no one had seen me or would see me as I was taking it down. Of course, I have to call and tell my momma. I can’t keep my stupid acts to myself. I figure if I’m laughing, others might need something or someone at which to laugh. In my family, you have to learn to laugh at yourself, or they will laugh without you.

Have you noticed that sometimes we do things by rote or habit? It’s just a natural flow of events. I stopped, therefore I put up the blinder. I’m brushing my teeth, so I try to put on my deodorant but on top of my shirt – not that this has happened to me, mind you. You know, blinders aren’t bad. They keep the sun out of your vehicle. They lower the temperature degree of the interior of your vehicle. It protects your dash from being damaged by the sun. Blinders have their functional place, but it’s the timing of its use that is critical. It's the small details. Putting a blinder in the window while you are driving ain’t the right time on any day.

Doing things by rote isn’t necessarily a bad thing either. They are easily scheduled. They are predictable. We can do them mindlessly and with little effort.

And while doing things by rote and the practice of utilizing an everyday objects to make life more pleasant and palatable isn’t harmful, I do believe our relationship with Jesus Christ should be anything but rote or habitual. If we look forward to women’s ministry events because it is what we’ve always done, then it’s by rote. It’s predictable, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Personally, I like to be surprised by new events and experiences. I think they enrich my life. But when we start putting God in the “by rote” department, then we come to a problem. You see, we need to expect the unexpected with God. Too often, Christians put God in a box of what He can and cannot do. My mom has a quote on her desk. It reads, “Whatever your faith says God is, He will be.” He is more than capable to do anything, but it’s our own limitations, our own lack of creativity, our own self-restricted level of faith that puts the cap on what He does in our lives. Did you get that? You might need to read it again. I had to. We need to be asking our heavenly Father for those “surprise blessings.” Every good and perfect gift comes from Him according to James.

If we start using our Bible (an everyday object in the life of a Christian) for one purpose only like for convicting other Christians, then we are missing its full power and effectiveness. When we use the Bible only for our own enrichment, then we are leaving out the evangelistic part of the Bible.

When we are willing to allow the Holy Spirit to guide us, when we are willing to do things outside of our comfort zone, and when we are able to see what God wants us to see, it’s amazing how clear our vision can be. He can remove the blinders – those things that keep us from moving forward – and restore our vision so we can move down the path He has chosen for us exposing us to the majesty and the infinite possibilities only He can fulfill.

So, I encourage you to take your blinders off as you go along your Christian way. Ask God to reveal His majesty to you in new and real ways and prepare yourself for who God reveals himself to be. I promise it will be an amazing ride!

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