Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Adult ADHD and Going to Walmart

I ran to Walmart at lunch to pick up a few things. Actually, it was my monthly run so it was more than just a few things. When I go to Walmart, it always takes me a few moments once I’m inside to gain my bearings because of the eccentricity of the people within the walls of Walmart. The fact that I’m part of this phenomenon doesn’t escape me either. I don’t count myself as better but rather different, just like everyone else in the store. I wonder if any of them think they are “normal,” and if they are “normal,” what am I? And did you know there is a website called where people post pictures of people they’ve seen at Walmart?

God’s creativity in designing individuals is staggering. He has made a patchwork quilt of individuals using His creativity to not form any discernible pattern.

So just as I’ve gotten my bearings to those around me, I’m starting to move forward with my buggy that has the thumpity wheel because I can NEVER get a buggy at Walmart without one. I hear a sound that rises above the cauldron of other noises. I hear a very clear, distinctive song being whistled…Chariots of Fire. Now being ADHD, I can’t seem to filter out much, but this whistling is so clear and perfectly pitched, I have to see where it is coming from. As if the eclectic environment wasn’t stimulating enough, I turn around to see a rather large man on his hovaround leaning forward going slower than a herd of turtles whistling Chariots of Fire. I just about lost it.

I think if I was an English teacher, I’d send my students to Walmart to observe people and to write a character sketch. Observe what they are wearing or NOT wearing. Observe their appearance. Observe the way they move and their behavior, and write a character sketch based only on what they observed…leaving all judgment out of it.

One good thing about being ADHD is that we don’t miss much. Some of you non-ADHD people are so tuned in on what you have to do that you miss some of the most hysterical things, the most beautiful things, the most incredible things. Whereas us ADHD folk get to see it…until we are distracted by another fascinating object.

God is very creative and has a sense of humor, so take the time to observe, to listen, and to…Hey, I just saw a blue jay.

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