Saturday, June 1, 2013

Simon Says -- Ever Play that Game?

I take a lot of things for granted in my faith. Since I was taught from a very early age things about God, His Word, and Truth, I’ve accepted them to be true, and I discovered during living this life that they are actually true. Sometimes, however, we have to simply believe because God said it is so. It requires faith. It requires trust, and if you don’t have a relationship with God, then you’ll never get it. If you know someone who wants to debate things of faith, you just need to realize that there will be things that they just won’t get because it requires a relationship with God to understand, to appreciate, and to accept. Your faith and trust in God is based on what your relationship to Him is. Your level of faith and trust depends on what you’ve endured and how you’ve seen God work on your behalf or on behalf of those you love. So in Hebrews 1 when it tell us that Jesus is God’s exact expression, exact copy in human form, is the radiance of God, you have a choice to make. Do you faith it? Do you believe it or don’t you?

Let’s look at Creation. Hebrews tells us that Jesus holds everything together by simply what he says. Have any of you ever made something happen simply by saying it to be so? Not only did God speak the world into existence but His word continues to keep it in existence because He simply never told it not to do so. Was that clear as mud? God spoke the world into existence. He set the foundations of the world into motion. The Bible says he holds all the waters in the palm of his hand and that he weighs the mountains (Is 40:12). I liken it to Simon Says. Do you remember playing that game as a child? “Simon Say to jump on your right leg.” The child starts jumping on the right leg. “Now jump on your left leg.” Any children who jump to their left leg are out because Simon didn’t say to jump on the left leg. God spoke the world into existence, set it into motion and hasn’t told it to stop, so it continues to be in motion.” Can I just say those are some powerful words! I wonder what it would be like if my kids behaved like that. “Erin, clean your room.” She’d be in there dusting, cleaning, and throwing away things until I said, “Stop.” We know this will never happen.

Another thing about Creation is that at some point in time designated by God and known by Him, this world will wear out (vs 10-12), but God remains. He had to be here before the Creation of the world in order to have spoken it into existence, and He will be here after the world fades away. He stays the same. He never fades or wears out (Vs 12). THANK GOODNESS!

Hebrews 1 lays out that Jesus is not an angel but deity. He is above the angels in authority. God poured fragrant oil on his head marking him out as king (vs 8-9). One last thought about angels. Jesus commands the angels to minister, to help those who inherit salvation. Not everyone will inherit salvation, but those who receive salvation have an extra resource, an extra tool to get us through the rough times, to direct us in the paths we are to go. They don’t know the paths, but they are given the instructions by Jesus.

Angels are not to be worshipped, feared or revered. Jesus is.

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