Thursday, May 30, 2013

Confession Time

Don’t know what you are studying now, but I was led to study Hebrews, and I have to admit I wasn’t thrilled at the prospect. You see, I love studying the stories of the Bible, the characters in those stories and how they might have felt, what they might have seen, heard and even smelled. I find those stories fascinating when I read the Bible that way, but Hebrews? Really, God?

Over the past couple of weeks there’s been a question roaming around in my head: “When should I pray to God, when should I talk to Jesus, and do I ever talk to the Spirit?” Have you ever asked that question? You’re probably more normal than I am. At any rate, one thing led to another, and here I am in Hebrews. Go figure.

Another confession, since I haven’t exactly been thrilled to meditate and study this book, I’ve drifted away from my quiet time, my study time. I would go a week at a time without studying the Word, picking my Bible up right where I left it from Sunday church. You’re probably more committed than I am.

Let’s just call what I was doing, my behavior as “rebellion” – plain and simple, passive aggressive. I have repented, and even though I’m not thrilled about HEBREWS, I’m digging in.

Personally, I think if the author wasn’t willing to put his name on it that should tell me something, right? I mean God gave this book to someone to pen, and the one who penned is unknown. If I ever pen a book, I want my name on it – just sayin’. There’s a lot of work that goes into writing a book. A young, published author friend of mine said it takes about 3000 words just to make one chapter in a fiction book. I wouldn’t have problem with the word-count for sure, but making the words count is what would be the most difficult. Plus remembering not to have dangling participles, ending words with prepositions, when do I write out a number versus just saying “3” – it’s very time consuming. So why didn’t the author of Hebrews want his name to be known? Would it have taken away from the message contained in the book?

I guess I’ll find out. Will you find out with me? Take a chapter a week and print out three translations/transliterations for each chapter. I go to to get my copies. My personal preferences are the Holman Christian Standard Bible, Amplified and the Message. Underline subject and verbs. Don’t remember what those are? No problem. Underline what you believe can be a verb. Read the chapter each time as if you have never read it before. Pray and ask God to open your eyes before you start this time digging into the Word. If you want more resources and tools as you dig, go to This is a Holman Christian Standard Bible site that has commentaries, dictionary, study notes, etc. I use it all the time.

I’d really appreciate it if you joined me. If you will do this with me, will you send me a message? Want to be accountable to someone. Thanks.

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