Saturday, May 25, 2013

God Puts Himself on Trial -- Have You Read this?

I love attending trials in which I don’t have to testify but have a vested interest in. I love to hear the witnesses testimonies especially when it contradicts documentation and statements that I have secured previously. If they were honest in the first place, there would be no need for a trial. Did you know that God puts Himself on trial in the Bible? I didn’t, but He makes quite a convincing argument, and His testimony is POWERFUL!

On your side of the courtroom you have your worries and what you value the most.

What do you worry about?




               Replacing the AC unit or septic system or roof on the house or the vehicle in the driveway


What do you value the most?

     Your status

            Your family

                  Your health

                       Your home

                            Your career

Whatever you place on a pedestal whether it be a worry or something you value, you are making it your god. Anything that you put above the power of God, above the name of God is your idol, your god.

Isaiah 40:18-20 is God making fun of our idols, our little gods. He puts things into perspective and that’s a good thing.

“Who will you compare God with? What likeness will you compare Him to? To an idol? – something that a smelter casts and a metalworker plates with gold and makes silver welds for it? To one who shapes a pedestal, choosing wood that does not rot? He looks for a skilled craftsman to set up and idol that will not fall over.”

Do any of your worries or does anything you value fit into this verse? How does what you are worrying about compare to God? Is it smaller or bigger than God? Have you laid it down at God’s feet and left it there? The most valuable thing you claim, how does it measure to God? Is it something that can be made by man? Like a house, a car, a boat, a career. All these things that cause you to worry or the things to which you place the highest valuable can all be knocked over! Ask those who’ve lived through hurricanes and tornadoes. They’ll tell you the wind can take the bark and leaves off of trees, decimate steel buildings leaving them in twisted shafts. They’ll tell you they’ve lost friends and family members, their health, their jobs, their home, their cars, but one thing remains. God. He is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrew 13:8). He never leaves or forsakes you (Hebrews 13:5, Deut 31:6).

Can it be scary? Why yes it can! But as God’s children believing Jesus died for our sins and has adopted us into the family, we can have confidence in Christ Jesus. He is the One we are to value the most. He should be our focus.

If there is any question in your mind, then study Isaiah 41. There is a trial. There is a trial putting God on the stand. Whatever you value or whatever you worry about, take it to chapter 41 and put it on trial against God. I think it would be fascinating. Let me know what the verdict is.

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