Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Don't Let Your Roots or History Trip You Up

So I had actually planned on moving on to a different subject matter in the Bible, when my Bible study girlfriends pointed me to Mark and John’s version of Jesus walking on the water, I had to dig in. Truthfully, I was just interested in Peter walking on the water because he and I could probably wear the same sandals, but my girlfriends were right. In order to get a full picture, we really should study every aspect of the story, investigate the different perspectives of the authors, and see what God would have us learn from each.

While Mark hasn’t always been my favorite gospel, this time he gives me more of the details I like. I mean his version of the temptation of Christ was two or three verses! I mean, REALLY? His version left me with more questions and wanting more truth. Know what I mean? But since I do like variety, I charge on to Mark’s version which can be found in Mark 6.

Keep this in mind when reading Mark. Mark is actually John Mark who travelled with Paul. John Mark was not one of the 12 disciples. His audience was the Christians in Rome. Matthew was a tax collector at one point in his life, and he wrote specifically to the Jews. He combines Old Testament and New Testament to prove Jesus is the Christ. With that being said, let’s dig in.

After reading this passage maybe the third or fourth time, the first part of Mark 6 hit me square between the eyes.

Think back to your childhood, your teenage years. Your family got to see it all the good, the bad, the ugly. They got to see your rebellion, hear your smart mouth, and saw how you broke your parents’ hearts at some point in time. You parents are known for being upright, kind, and humble, and here you are. Of me and my sister, yes, I was the black sheep. LOL. My parents kept me on a short leash, let’s just say.

Now, you are all grown up. You learned lessons by doing things the hard way, but God kept on and kept on and kept on until you got the picture. Now, God has changed you. He has molded you. He has bent your will to submit to His. He has a personal, in-depth relationship with you, and you want to share it with others.

You know, I really doubt that Jesus was a willful child, but as an adult, the people in his town, in his church were so stuck on who his parents were, what they were that they could not see Jesus for who He was – their Savior. Jesus tried to reach out to them, to teach them, and to heal them, but their lack of faith in Him caused him to move on.

Sometimes the hardest people to witness to are the ones we grew up with, the ones in our family, the ones who know all of our faults and limitations, but Jesus tried, and he did so respectfully. Have you? Have you tried? It’s not easy. It’s not comfortable, but it’s necessary.

Jesus was not going to reward their lack of faith by doing signs and wonders just to prove who He was. He doesn’t have to prove who He was or who He is to anyone.

It was the people’s lack of faith in Jesus that prevented them from seeing Him in his element, in His glory. Does your faith, lack of faith, or limited faith prevent you from seeing Jesus as He is working in your life and the lives around you? I soooo don’t want to miss out on seeing Jesus work. That is exciting stuff. What are you missing out on?

Don’t let your past define who you are today. Don’t let the fact that people get tangled up in your roots and history be a hindrance or tie you down. Keep moving forward in your faith. Keep digging deeper. Keep growing richer, and If others can’t see the work Jesus has done in your life, then respectfully shake the dust off your sandals. The problem is with their eyesight. The problem is on their plate. You just do exactly what the Lord leads you to do. Don’t be discouraged. Jesus knows exactly how you feel. How awesome is that!?

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