Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Erin's Trip to England

Day one: England. Today we went to a school . The kids there are no different than kids in America. They play the same games we do. Eat most of the same things we eat, and they have the same classes. I actually got to take an English lesson there. I really liked that there was no drama. We also went to Stonehenge. I liked it, but there were just too many bugs.

Day two: Water fun. Today we went to an outdoor activity center. First, we built a raft out of barrels and sticks. Then my whole team got on the raft, but then it began to sink. I was so scared. While I was trying to make the boat a little weightless, I “accidentally” pushed the person who was sitting by me into the water. Once we made it back to the land, we ran…I mean ran…to the obstacle course. My favorite thing in the obstacle course was the mud tunnel. Miss Alice and I were the only girls who did it. The others chickened out. After we got all muddy we each jumped into the river to clean off.

Day three: Don’t be cheeky. First thing we did today was walk around Oxford. I really want to do a semester there, so I can go back to England. Next we went to Warwick to train as a soldier. Racelyn from my group saw our trainer, and he smiled at him. The trainer didn’t like that so he said, “Since this many was being cheeky, he gets to do pushups.” After that we went to the hotel. It was a pretty funny and good day.

Day four: Today was okay. First we took a tour of England. It wasn’t that interesting, but the buildings were pretty. Then we did what I’ve always wanted to do – the London Eye. The London Eye is a big ferris wheel. Each capsule is the size of a room holding a lot of people. It has all glass around it so you can see all of London. It was actually slower than I thought it would be. When you got to the top everything was gorgeous.

Day five: Churchill. Today was all about Churchill. We went and saw his Cabinet War Rooms. We also saw a short film about him. I learned that he was in the Great Four. He was a great man. It was a very educational day.

Day six: Our last day. I loved today. We had an acting class which was unbelievable. We learned about Shakespeare and met with a parliament guy. Princess Kate is pregnant, and if it’s a son, he could one day be king. We went to the Museum of Modern Art. I took a picture of a shirt that says, “Stay Alive in 85” because one of the teachers took a picture of it. My favorite things at the museum were some cool looking chairs, the dresses from the 90s, and a chord that had suitcases on it. There was also a concrete shirt that I liked as well. Later that night we saw a Broadway show called “Viva Forever.” It was based on the Spice Girl’s music. I only recognized two songs from the musical.

I really enjoyed my time in England and France. I would like to go back someday. This was my adventure of a lifetime.

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