Saturday, September 21, 2013

I AM GOMER -- part 3

The past two blogs have been about Gomer. I stepped into her sandals. I placed my heart inside of her. My heart broke for her, and the many, many, many women like her alive or living or functioning today. I wrote that I was focusing on Gomer because most focus on God and Hosea, but I also explained that you can’t remove God from the equation or her story. God used Gomer to teach Hosea about God’s relationship with the children of Israel. I’d ask that you go back and read those two blogs. Put yourself in Gomer’s sandals, and instead of Hosea, I want you to put the face of God.

I see his sandals, his feet. I want to cry. I know those feet. Jesus’s feet will be recognizable to the sinner’s heart. They were pierced for our transgressions, our sins.

Oh, the pain I have caused this man. I see it in his eyes. One day I will have to look my Savior, my Redeemer in the eyes. I’ve caused Him great pain. Whatever He says will be true about me. My sentence for my crimes of being unfaithful to Him is death and separation from Him forever. That is what I deserve.

I look at this hands, and he’s holding a bag. He throws it to the seller, and says, “She’s mine.” My name is engraved in his hands, and He chose to pay the ultimate price for me. And when he could send me to the pits of hell which he has every right to, Jesus says that I am His. I am His bride. The church is his bride. He has made a vow that he cannot break. My stubborn, prideful, rebellious soul, I willingly lay at his feet. It’s ugly. It’s hateful, but it’s all I got. He takes what the world has discarded (me) and clothes me in righteousness for his sake (Ps 23:3, Is 61:10).

You know what I saw in Gomer. I saw a woman who was rescued and didn’t know it. I saw a woman who was given everything she needed that she didn’t deserve, and she didn’t SEE IT! How could she NOT see it? That was my thought. And then God pricks my heart and reminds me of how He’s given me what I need, things I didn’t deserve, and how I’ve rebelled and hardened my heart against Him. I am SOOOOO Gomer.  God has provided for my needs, but there are times I just want something different, something the world has put into a pretty picture and advertised.

There are times, even recently, that I just stopped digging in the Word to hear God speak to me. He does whatever is necessary to get my attention. He’ll do whatever is required to block my way because He knows that it will only harm me if I continue to run from Him. And when I finally stop my running, my fighting, my struggling, I look into the face of my sweet Savior and see compassion, forgiveness and love that I don’t deserve.

So there you have it. My transparency. I AM GOMER...restored, redeemed, and the recipient of the most undeserving love. Thank you, Jesus!

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