Monday, September 30, 2013

In Her Sandals -- I Have the Top of the Line in Everything

I am used to having things, nice things, designer things, the best of things. My husband has been blessed as well as his uncle. As a matter of fact, we had to split the family business. My husband chose to take our family to the best location. It is gorgeous and lush with waterways. BEAUTIFUL!

The downside, and there’s always a downside, was the neighbors. There’s drama everywhere we turn. Drama with family that caused the business to split. Drama at our new location – For crying out loud, we get captured! We are taken as spoils of war. I’ll become a servant or slave. I was not made for that kind of work. Everything we had was taken, and by everything, I mean down to the last candlestick and ugly rug that went under my husband’s work bench was gone. But good ole uncle to the rescue. While our family had to separate the business, family is still the most important thing in our uncle’s eyes. We were released. Everything was returned to us…EVERYTHING. All my jewelry, servants, designer clothes and specially made sandals, money, animals. ALL MY STUFF was returned…even the ugly rug under my husband’s work bench. The fact that everything was returned was no small miracle at all.

In addition to everything I have, my husband sits at the gate – you know what that means, right? He’s in leadership. He’s in the know. People recognize me when I go to the market. And because he is in leadership, he knows everything that’s going on in town. I love hearing all the gossip. There are some crazy things that go on in this town.

We have guest over all the time and parties. Our neighbors really don’t seem quite so bad after all. They just had to grow on us is all. There ways of doing things is nothing like ours, but we’ve made adjustments and understand their thinking. We respect our differences. Just because they choose to live a certain way doesn’t mean that I have to.

One evening, Lot brought home two male guests. It was not a normal visit, and it was certainly no party. They brought no gifts at all, and of course, Lot didn’t send anyone ahead of time to let me know that we would be having extra at the dinner table. It’s not like it was leftover night, but I would have fixed something a little nicer had I but known we’d be having company.

No sooner had Lot brought the guests into our home than men, young and old, started pounding on the door of our home. What in the world is going on!? They were so loud I could barely hear myself think. I realized the men outside want our guests to come outside, so they could have their way with them. These people have never inflicted their sexual orientation on us before. I mean we’ve made allowances, but now they are beating down our door. I AM MORTIFIED! Our poor guests!

Just as I think that the door is about to give way, it opens! My husband goes out to talk to the men. He has got to have lost his ever lovin’ mind. The crowd is getting louder in their protest. The door opens again, and the guests literally pick my husband up off his feet snatching him back into our home, all in one swooping gesture. As I’m trying to process what I just saw, I hear the chaos outside changing. Instead of voices raised in anger, there’s confusion and disorder. The guests tell us the men outside have been struck blind, and they won’t be able to find the door even if they tried. No one will be entering our home tonight. And then they tell us, we have to leave.



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