Friday, April 2, 2010

A Birth Father’s Sacrifice

Some people wonder how anyone could place their baby for adoption. Some people never try to put themselves in the shoes of the woman making that heart-wrenching decision. It's a decision made under great stress and sometimes duress. It's a decision that will break her heart day after day from the moment she settles on the decision until many more years to follow. Some never overcome guilt. It's a decision in which they are sacrificing their desire and their heart for the well-being of their child. They are choosing to give their baby what they believe is a better life, better opportunities, and stability. For some of these women, it's more than they can even hope for themselves. Some don't even know when or if they will ever see their baby again, but they hope.

Now, put yourself in God's shoes. He chose Christ's parents like many birth parents do today. He chose the ones who would raise His son, love Him, nurture Him. Now, what's even more amazing than this is that He knew before Jesus was born the kind of excruciating torture and death He would have to endure in His death, and He sent Him anyway. It was a decision He made from His heart for YOU! Do you get that? He did it for YOU. How grateful are you? How humbling is it to know that He thinks you are worth it? He finds you worthy of His love. He wants to love you with a perfect love that doesn't hurt. He wants a relationship with you. He sacrificed one Son, so He could adopt many. He doesn't force you to be His child. He won't make you choose Him. But you need to know He paid a mighty high price, so you could be redeemed. His perfect blood covers our multitude of sins, so we can go to heaven to be with Him one day. There is always a cost and a sacrifice in adoptions.

It's not just enough to know that Jesus lived, died on a cross and rose again. It's not. Satan knows that. It takes recognizing that you are an imperfect, unholy mess like the rest of us, and because we make mistakes we can't make it to heaven (a perfect place). There isn't enough good deeds that can overcome any amount of sin in a person's life. We have to admit we are sinners, ask Him to come into our hearts and to forgive us. Then you need to find some place to get plugged in, so you can be mentored and discipled. Living a Christian life isn't easy, but it helps when you are surrounded by other people who love Him and have growing relationships with Him.

I'm thankful I have never been in the position that I had to contemplate placing a child for adoption, but I'm thankful for adoption. If it wasn't for adoption, I wouldn't be a mom. If it wasn't for adoption the way God chose to send Jesus (adopted by his earthly father), I wouldn't have hope. I have hope because I know that no matter what happens my future is secure because I've asked Him into my heart, and He has adopted me as His child.

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