Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Has a Love Letter from Your Father

The Lord has been sending sweet verses my way lately. I write them down on 3*5 cards that are spiral bound, and I keep them in my purse. I can pull it out and meditate when I have a moment, and some of these verses are the ones that came together for this letter. I do not quote the verse verbatim, but I try to convey the heart of the verse and how He speaks it to my heart. Hope it blesses yours too.


Dear Sweet Daughter of Mine,

    You are and forever will be my baby girl no matter your age or size, no matter your stage in life. You are mine. You are forever in my hands, in my arms (John 10:28). I won't fall asleep holding you: I will keep the sun off your face: I will keep the moon at bay so you can sleep. I will protect your very life. I am fierce when it comes to protecting and guarding you (Psalms 121:1-8). When you are anxious, I will hold you and quiet you down with my love, and I'll sing over you much like a new mother sings a lullaby to her baby. --Do you hear me singing over you? If not, stop a moment and listen. -- I take great delight in you and in doing for you because I am your God, your Father (Zephaniah 3:17). When you lie down, you don't have any reason to fear. Your sleep will be sweet (Proverbs 3:24). When you are troubled, I will surround you with my songs of deliverance (Psalms 32:7), can you hear them?    

Sweet girl, these things you are going through are temporary, and I promise you will get so much more out of these trials than you can ever imagine (Romans 8:18). What you see with your eyes is not what I see with mine. I see the growth that will come and has come through your life as a result of rain from heaven (Is 55:8-11). And when it seems more than you can bear, remember, I'm still here (Deuteronomy 31:6).

I am here to fix your broken heart. It isn't damaged beyond repair. I promise. You don't have to keep yourself bound to the pain any longer than is necessary if you will allow me to have it and to do with it as I see fit. You can be free of it today, just give it to your Daddy to handle. Will you? I'm ready to produce in you beauty for the ashes in your life and gladness to replace your mourning and sadness (Is 61:1-3). Is it no wonder that laughter is to follow weeping and dancing after mourning (Eccl 3:4)? I created you to have an abundant life (Jn 10:10), so arise, my love, feel my breath I give to you freely (John 20:22).

    My beautiful daughter, I want to see you dance! When I restore you (Psalms 23:3) I want to see you twirling around, moving and swaying with the song I've given you to sing (Psalms 30:11-12). I want to hear you sing. I want to hear you sing the new song I've given to you (Psalms 40:3). I want you to fill you with joy (Psalms 4:7), and I want to give you every good and perfect thing (James 1:17) for I am


                                Forever Your Father

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