Monday, September 27, 2010

Can Be Easily Distracted

If you have read any of my prior blogs, you know that I am ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive). I was diagnosed in the seventh grade before it was the "in" diagnosis. (I think the signs were just so blatantly obvious and couldn't be ignored and that's why the doctor so easily diagnosed me.) Many believe this is a hereditary type disorder. I would tend to agree. (Have you met my father? Read my prior posts on Red-Neck Snow Skiing!) Throughout my growing up years, my parents worked diligently with me to overcome and compensate. We also utilized medication from time to time. So, to say that I get distracted would be a minor understatement. Last Christmas we bought my daddy a t-shirt that says, "They say I'm ADD, but I'm really not…Hey, look at that chicken!" I just think that is hilarious because that is so how we think.

Last week, Patrick was out of town; Erin had a doctor's appointment and I had to take Pearce; and I had a case in federal court on the criminal side. This doesn't even include the normal weekly activities of helping the kids study for school, grocery shopping, doing laundry, cooking supper, mentoring on Wednesday nights, and going to soccer practice. During these types of weeks, I have learned to say "no." "No, I can't meet with you." "No, I can't add that to my list." "No, I can't pick your child up." These are also the kind of weeks that I tend to get easily distracted and side-tracked. I'm just proud that I got the kids to school every day having had breakfast and had lunch with them. I'm proud I remembered to pick them up, and so are they! Hahaha.

With all the tension of testifying in court because you never know what the defendants' attorneys will throw at you, my muscles were knots on top of knots. So, I knitted to try to relax. Fortunately, I finished a scarf for my niece (do not tell her).With everything that was going on in my life last week, why is it that I can't get distracted to have a quiet time? I can get distracted by a woman trying to get the marshals to allow her to bring her little dachshund into the federal building, but why is it that I can't be distracted or be reminded to spend time in prayer? And there are times when I am working on praying or having my quiet time, and I get distracted by something going on outside, by the buzzer on the dryer, by the boy being too quiet, or by anything or nothing at all. Why is that? Yes, I get frustrated with myself.

Have you ever been on the phone with someone, and they start a conversation with someone else that is there where they are? When that happens, I think they are being rude or they are lacking in attention as well. I am so thankful He doesn't lack in His attention for me. I am so thankful that when I come to Him I have His devoted attention and time. I am so thankful that He wants a relationship with me and that is why He doesn't wave His arms or throw a tantrum when I fail to spend that time with Him. His relationship is based on perfect love, and as we know from the Bible, perfect love casts out fear. Since I know He has perfect love for me, I don't have to fear entering into His presence. I don't have to fear reprimand or vengeance because I was otherwise distracted, but isn't it nice to know that when I realize how I've missed that time that I can grab His Word, crawl up in His warmth and spend time with Him. I am so thankful.

P.S. The two guys in federal court were found guilty on my case and will be sentenced in January of 2011.

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  1. Hey girl...I so get this post.

    I'm coming to town next week (Monday thru Monday).

    I hope to see ya! Love you bunches, Me


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