Sunday, January 23, 2011

Is Being Driven to Distraction

OMW! (Oh My Word!) I thought this semester at seminary would be light in comparison to my last one and that is still true; however, my personal life has just gone spiraling in all different kind of directions…And not in a good way, if there is such.

I am starting the third week of the Daniel's Fast with my church family. Last week at work was crazy. We received notice the feds have requested documentation on a specific roofer, and I've been reviewing this roofer and files all week. It's a no-brainer kind of thing, but it is time-consuming when I have two troopers requesting information on two other rings I've worked.

On the home-front, my husband decides to complete the home remodeling in order for us to sell it. He wants to put it on the market by the beginning of March…Did I mention, I have lived without a kitchen for two years? He wants smaller, newer, closer into town, and something more manageable. I do not blame him one bit. I'm so thankful for the guys in his Sunday school class who came out to help this weekend to work on the master bedroom and bath. Now, all of this sounds benign except for the fact that my daddy came out to do his Dutch Oven Cooking – He is an awesome cook. While out there cooking the arthritis in his hip started acting up, a soft-tissue injury decided to spasm to the point that he could put no weight on the leg. The pain was so excruciating he almost got sick one time and passed out another…so I meet mom and Lori in the emergency room. We were there from 2:15 PM to after 9 PM. I didn't get to bed till close to 11 PM.

As if this all wasn't enough, Patrick got a phone call yesterday that did not end well. It's amazing how Satan can use people as his hand-maidens. I hate seeing my husband stressed like this…so much on his plate. Ready to be done with the remodel, into a new place, and separated from the trouble-makers – maybe we could have some breathing space then.

There is so much I need to do for women's ministry. So much I want to do for women's ministry, but God obviously has different plans.

Then I'm still waiting on the company to make a decision about my office.

I am looking for God. I am looking to see what I'm supposed to be learning. I'm looking for Him, so I am not distracted by all the things Satan would like for me to get bogged down in.

Thank you, God, for holding me in the cleft of the rock, for engraving my name in your hand, for never letting go of me, and for preparing the way for me and my family.

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