Saturday, February 12, 2011

Is Meditating on Psalms 37

It's Saturday, and I could've slept in, but no, my body woke up at the normal 5:35 AM. While I struggled in vain to go back to sleep, I gave up and grabbed my laptop.

This is one of the few times that it is truly quiet and peaceful in my house. I know there will be a time in my life when things are more quiet and peaceful, and I don't wish them here any time soon for it will mean no children running through the house, no laughter from kiddos, no referring arguments, no talking about our day and what is going on with the kids and their friends. So, for now, I'll take these little moments and refuel when I get them.

It's almost 7 AM now, and there is a bird outside the window singing his heart out…God's little alarm clock assistant. Had I not gotten up earlier, this little fellow would have done the job.

This morning my quiet time is the Psalm 37 chapter. Lord, I will trust you, do good and dwell in your place. I, so, want to delight myself in you, Lord. This means any selfish desires I may have even if they are doing good in your name must be laid aside. I want to take joy by being in your presence, and I want that to be enough. I want my service to You to be out of obedience and desire to delight You. I commit all my ways to you – my ways as a wife, mom, friend, ministry leader. I trust You enough to follow You with complete abandon. I desire a simple life unfettered by distractions this world offers. Thank you for this time of stillness and quietness and peacefulness before You. Thank you for this time to meditate on Your Word. Lord, I want to delight You. I trust You to firm up my way knowing You will not let me fall. Lord, I will wait for You, for Your prompting and leading because I know You will exalt me or lift me up to the place where You want me. Help me to enjoy serving You in the here and now and leave the tomorrows to Your capable hands. Amen.

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