Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 1 of Child Swap Experiment

 Well, it’s been 24 hours since Lori and I traded our youngest kids because Erin has always wanted a little sister, and now she has Catherine. I think Erin is enjoying this because Catherine allows her to Mother Hen her.

Today at work, I saw two locust shells. I immediately thought of Pearce who would absolutely love that kind of thing, so I picked them up and brought them home. Upon arriving home, we had to load the garbage to take it to the dump, and as Erin was entering the front passenger door, she let out a little scream. This, I was expecting. She said she would ride in the back seat with Catherine. I asked Catherin if she like locust shells. She said, “I think I like them from afar.” Then we were off to the dump for we do not live in the city limits. Once there, Erin got out of the truck to unload the garbage, and Catherine did not want to be left out. She said she had never been to the dump before, and she wanted to help. So, out she came and threw a couple of air filters in the dumpster. Pleased with herself, she hopped back into the truck and back home we go.

By the time we got home, Catherine had warmed up to the idea of holding one of the locust shells. Erin finally worked up the nerve after I repeatedly and continually told her there are no live bugs inside, and after I pinky promised that I would not make any sudden noises to startle her. I’m saving the second shell for Pearce. After talking to Lori, I found out that Pearce had his toe nails painted (which isn’t the first time) and had been playing famously with Madeleine including brushing Madeleine’s hair and her American Girl doll’s hair. Then a site that has never been seen in their house, Madeleine strapped on a side-arm. Mind you, the gun is pink, but still she was wearing a gun on her hip…thanks to Pearce. Am I worried about Pearce brushing a doll’s hair or Madeleine’s or having his toe nails painted? ARE YOU KIDDING ME! He has more testosterone and sure in his manhood than most teenage boys. If you get a mustache by the age of 2 and sideburns by 4… Plus, if you’ve ever read any of my previous blogs about the boy, you know he is 100% boy. For all the men who had older sisters...they know. This is just going to make him a better husband one day.

"Aunt Kris, there's a cricket in the den," Catherine says in her low, southern drawl. "Okay." She stands there with this look like, "Well, that didn't get me anything." Catherine says, "Aunt Kris, there's a cricket in the den. Will you come get it?" "Catherine, the cricket never hurt anyone. If you want to move it, go right ahead." She walks into the den. I overhear Erin telling Catherine, "Catherine, be brave. It won't hurt you to walk by it." After hearing Erin say it, I walk into the den and say, "Erin, go ahead and kill the cricket and put it in the trash." Well, that just sent her over the drama-meter. I said, "But Erin, be brave. It won't hurt you." I grin. Erin starts whining and dancing side-to-side as she prepares to smack this poor, defenseless cricket with Pearce's shoe. Pop. She lifts the shoe and makes her obvious disgust evident by even greater drama. I'm grinning. Catherine lowers some toilet paper on the squished corpse, and I tell Erin she needs to put it into the trash. "WHAT!?" So, another dance from side-to-side and a little whining, she scoops the insect up and runs wailing into the kitchen to put it into the trash. Hehehe. What a brave little girl I have.

One distinct difference between the boy and Cat-Cat are the complex sound effects that come out of Pearce’s mouth. He can make the sound of almost any gun and various cars. Regardless of the firearm -- Tommy gun, bazooka, AK47, pistol -- Cat-Cat is holding I hear her say, “Ka-pow, ka-pow.”

Two ways that Cat-Cat and Pearcy-Poo are alike are they are both strong-willed (that might be a bit of an understatement), and they both love their dogs.

Now, Catherine is serenading me on the piano, and I get to guess the name of the song. “Bethoven’s 5th Symphony?” I ask. “No, but you’re close. It’s Gracie’s Gift Song.” (Gracie is her dog.) More clammering of keys, “Bach’s Movement in G," I guess.  “No, THAT was Bethoven’s 5th, Aunt Kristy!” How much longer with Erin be in the bathtub!? “CATHERINE, YOU’RE TOO loud.” “Would you like me to play another?” “Oh, yes, but please do it quietly. My dog has sensitive hearing,” I say. OH THANK YOU, JESUS! Erin is out of the tub. One more song… “Oh, I have to sing? You will accompany me?” She nods. “Hit it,” she says. “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let shine.”

After bath time, it’s a mean game of Uno with a couple pieces of chocolate. Now the chocolates are very special you see because the wrappers are gold. My Catherine believes gold teeth are the most beautiful teeth. She tells everyone who has them how much she likes them and how when she grows up she wants gold teeth. So this isn’t being disrespectful or making fun, this is Catherine having her dream a little early in her life.

AHHHH, now it’s quiet time. They are reading in Erin’s bed. The house gives a little sigh, and the dog whimpers. Good night, Sweet Girls, good night.

Love you, baby boy. See you tomorrow.

P.S. Catherine has spoken to Lori by phone once and asked to speak to her daddy once but got distracted. Have I heard from Pearce one time? NOPE. That's okay. Glad he feels secure to roam knowing where his home will always be.

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