Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Trim Molding, Rope, a Bungee Cord, a Tool, a Couple of Sticks, and a Whistle -- ALL ON MY ROOF

We have a garden that Pearce and I planted. It’s not a very big garden nor a very good garden for our rows are not straight…as a matter of fact, we don’t have rows. It’s kinda willy-nilly. Pearce would say, “This looks like a good place for one,” and there it was planted. I’m grinning, of course.

Tonight as I was watering our willy-nilly, wilting garden, I glanced over my right shoulder because something attracted my attention to the roof. The valley needs to be cleaned, but I don’t dare show Pearce how to get up on the roof or how to do that job. If you’ve read any of my prior post, you understand my reasoning. Then my eye scanned the roof over our craft room, and I had to do a double-take. Since I wasn’t really sure of what I was seeing, I went to inspect it once I had finished watering our willy-nilly wilting garden.

There on my roof were two pieces of trim molding, a rope, a bungee cord, a tool of some sort, a few sticks and a neon orange whistle. Let that soak in a moment. Knowing I have a boy of six any mom with boys will know immediately and exactly what happened, so I really didn’t have to ask for an explanation, but I just couldn’t resist. I walked to the back door and asked Pearce to get some shoes on because I had a question. His shoes were by the craft room door, and he said he would meet me out there. I went back and stood feet apart, hands resting on my hips, looking up at the roof. I heard Pearce make his way around the corner of the house, and when I looked down, his feet were apart, his hands were resting on his hips, and he was looking up at the roof. Then he looked at me and grinned that grin – Thank you, God, he’s so cute.

“Pearce, can you explain how that got up there?”

       “You see that whistle there?” We both looked up and saw the neon orange whistle.

       “Yes,” I said looking down into his precious, little, grinning face.

        “I was tryin’ to get it off the roof, and the other stuff got stuck.” I lost it. I cracked up laughin’. Do you realize that I didn’t ask how the whistle got on the roof? It’s like with attorneys, they don’t ask the questions they don’t want to know the answers too. For all I know, Pearce had lassoed a squirrel who deposited it on the roof. Plus, the point is rather irrelevant anyway. The point is the whistle was on the roof, and he was using all his ingenuity to get it down.

I’m not sure what caused him to give up on getting the whistle, but as I see it, he tried at least seven times to get that whistle down. Seven – the number of completion.

How many times do we see things just out of our reach, and we do so many tricks and stunts to get it into our grip only to lose everything trying to get that one thing. I wonder does God ever look down at us and think, “Thank goodness I made you so cute.” Does he ever grin or crack up laughing at our outrageous stunts or feats? Some things are just better kept out of our reach. We may not understand why, but our Father does. And sometimes we just have to trust that He knows best. Do you trust Him?

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