Thursday, January 5, 2012

Erin Turns 11, but It Took 13+ individuals to make it happen -- go figure

How many were involved in your conception, your birth? Most would say two (your parents). Some would say three (your parents and God). What if I told you my daughter has 13+?

Like everyone she has two biological parents, but she also has two adoptive parents. If you are counting, we are up to four.

Then there is Ramona Sanders, Debbie Wilson, Jill McWilliams, Jennifer McLemore, Debby Ash, Debbie Stuart, and Jeanne Nyman. These seven women embarked on a prayer journey in March of 2000. These women are who we call Erin’s “Praying Seven.” The week they began praying for my husband and I to become parents and for the baby we would adopt, Erin was conceived – those are some potent prayers. So we are up to eleven.

Honey is the one who was led by the Spirit to these seven ladies and would send letters to each of them with directions on what to pray and how to pray. Twelve.

The only One who could orchestrate such a miracle – God. Thirteen.

The adoption agency and the miracle workers at the hospital – you never know how many God actually uses to calm the nerves of the adoptive parents, the birth parents and of the baby to be adopted...the plus.

Each child has a story, and their story begins before conception. Psalm 139 is a chapter that I claimed for my daughter before her birth.

I encourage every woman I meet to journal. You never know what you are going to see when you look back into your history, your child's history or the history of your family. God is sooooo good, but too often we miss His touch. We miss His hand working because it is always working.

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