Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Number is 11

What is the perfect number?

    No, I’m not thinking 10, as in Bo Derek.

        No, I’m not thinking about the number you chose for sports – mine was always 11.

           No, I’m not thinking of a size 4 or 6.

              No, I’m not thinking of the perfect age.

                The perfect number is the number for completion in the Bible – 7.

One of the reasons I have the ladies mark their Bibles is because sometimes we miss the patterns and clues God has left for us in His Word. I’m still in Genesis chapter one, and do you know how many times in my Bible it is written, “it was good?” Seven.

How many days were there in all described in the story of Creation? Seven.

The God who spoke creation into being saw, “it was good” – not great, not awesome, not fantastic. Good. It was good. If anyone could take pride in His work, it would be God. He made something from nothing. He didn’t make a prototype before creating the original, and yet, He called His creation “good.”

A perfect, complete God – nothing ever created will ever be better than the One who created it/him/her. Have you ever baked a cake from scratch or built a piece of furniture? Is it more valuable than you? Of course not.

Our Creator is perfect. He knew what was going to happen before time even began. Our Creator is all-knowing – omniscient. Our Creator is full of grace and mercy and takes time to see His creation for what it is. Our Creator took His time in creating each individual. The verse in Psalm 139 says that God knitted you while you were still in your mother’s womb. I’ve seen a man’s play classical guitar with his feet. I’ve seen a woman paint an elaborate picture holding the paintbrush with her mouth, but I’ve never seen anyone knit with anything other than their hands. And for the record, knitting takes a lot of time especially when you follow intricate patterns.

Some people may think they are god. Some may feel like they are a god (probably not anyone on the LSU team right now). But truth is, they are not. God is God. He is bigger than us. He is bigger than any situation that may arise. He is bigger than any problem that occurs. He is bigger than any wrong committed against us. The bottom line is do you trust Him with your problem, with your pain, with your crisis?

Another thing, God is perfect, and He knows we are not. He knew that before He created us, and He created us anyway. Isn’t that something for which to be thankful? He created us anyway knowing He would have to sacrifice His Son if He created us, AND THEN HE CREATED US ANYWAY! We cause Him such grief and heartache at times, but His love for us never changes – it’s perfect. If you have asked Jesus to come into your life, you can rest assured that there will never be a day in your life that you don’t have God with you hemming you in from the front and the back (Ps 139 – love that chapter). He’s got you covered.

I am so thankful for a perfect God who created me with such an overwhelming love. Aren’t you?

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