Sunday, May 9, 2010

“A Mother’s Knees”

This is a poem I wrote for my mom in May of 2000 before my dream of becoming a mom was realized.

Your mother is the one who comforts, cares for, feeds and nurtures you when you are young.
Your mother is the one who you look up to, love, and admire when you are a child.
Your mother is the one whose bones you use to sharpen your teeth when you are a teen struggling to find your own identity. Sorry about that, Mom!
Your mother is the one who is your biggest fan, your confidante, and your friend as you graduated into maturity, however long that took.

What make a woman into your mother?
It's not by blood or conditions, but it is the traits she exhibits that make her your mother.
Her brain – She is wise, intelligent, and insightful, according to Proverbs 31:26.
Her eyes – They see EVERYTHING! Does she really have eyes in the back of her head?
Her mouth – She uses her mouth to teach, instruct, and admonish. Proverbs 31:26
Her hands – They are soft and agile and a comfort when we are in pain. Proverbs 31:19
Her shoulders – She has broad shoulders so as to carry the heavy load of all our secrets and heartaches, not to mention the other stressors in her life.
Her heart – It cannot be contained in her body for it holds each child and spouse in their own compartment, and she doesn't hold any back for herself. How many times have we held her heart in our
    hands only to hurt her?
Her muscles – She is diligent, strong, and hard, working hard to protect her home and family. Proverbs 31:14-18
Her feet – She goes when and where she is needed. She goes to sporting events, school meetings, and to anything you're involved in.

But most importantly, it is her KNEES that make her your mother.

You see, your mother is on her bended knees every morning and every night in prayer for you.
Even though you don't deserve it, she's lifting you up to the Lord with a swollen heart, tearful eyes, and a bowed head because she knows that He is the only One who can love you more and protect you when you are out of her sight.
Thank you, Mom, for being a prayer warrior on my behalf. Thank you, God, for my mother and her knees.

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