Thursday, October 21, 2010

Is Bedazzled AND Precious

I'm not sure why, but when I tell women that I'm precious they snicker. I tell my husband that I'm precious, and he just nods and walks off. Sometimes I'm way too precious. You know for things like sweating outside, getting messy (unless it's my idea, of course). Sometimes I show just how precious I am by wearing something bedazzled. (Ya'll remember that? The BEDAZZLER!) Really, I might just wear something with a little bling and sparkly. As a matter of fact, should I become a grandparent some day, I think I want to be called "Precious." Some ladies I meet may laugh when I tell them I'm precious, but then they decide they want to be precious too, so I call them "P.I.T." – Precious in Training. If someone isn't treating you the way you think you should be treated, just say, "Brother, you better back up. Don't make me show you just how precious I am!"

 Now, if you know me at all, you know I'm grinning when I tell people that I'm precious. When things get tense, I whip it out too. You know, just to lighten the mood. My P.I.T.s also don't take themselves too seriously either.

 But in truth, ladies, if you've read any of my blogs about letter from your father, you know that your Creator knows you. He thinks you are precious. If you read my blog in August titled "Has a Lesson on Encouragement," "Has More Words from Your Father," and "Has a Love Letter from Your Father" you know just how precious you really are. God's Word is full of love letters to you, His precious daughter. Don't you just love, love letters? I do. When was the last time you picked up His love letter to you? When was the last time He spoke to you through His Word? Well, it's been too long.

 Cozy up with this good Book, breathe deep, and ask your Daddy what He wants to tell you today. He's just waiting on you, Precious. Don't keep Him waiting.

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