Friday, March 18, 2011

Had an Interesting Trip to Brookshire’s

After a long trip home from New Orleans, I stopped by Brookshire's to get some groceries. On my left arm are two bags, on my right are two bags, and my right hand holds the keys. I push the button to unlock the doors and open the rear, driver's side door. In a split second, I think, "Boy, that floorboard looks clean, and then I hear, "Uh, ma'am, this isn't your car." Sure enough, it wasn't. My vehicle was two places down and had temp tags. It was the same kind of vehicle, same color, and parked near the same spot, but it wasn't my truck.

Truth and ½ truths are a lot like that, and it's easy to get confused unless you know what you are looking for. Satan likes to make his lies appear like the truth, but it isn't 100% the truth. And ladies, if it isn't "the whole truth and nothing but the truth," it is a lie from the prince of lies.

The truth was the vehicles were the same year, make and model, but the ½ truth was the vehicle I opened didn't have my suitcase, my laptop or personal effects. It looked like the truth – the vehicle I wanted to open and get into – but it wasn't. If I had just taken the time to see there was a license plate on the back of the vehicle, I would have known it wasn't mine. Many times we are in a rush, and we fail to look at the details of the matter and blindly trust what is written, said or taught.

If you don't know how to dig in the Word of God to find out what the truth is, then find someone who does and ask them to teach you. Believing a ½ truth can lead to tragic results. Don't think so? Ask Eve. Ask those who escaped occults. It sounds good. It even sounds right, but is it really. Just because someone stands behind the pulpit and says it is so, doesn't mean it is. FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF. DIG!

Fortunately, the lady in the truck was very gracious and had a sense of humor like I did, and we were able to laugh it off. My guess though is she won't soon forget the experience, and neither will I.

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