Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It’s Saturday morning, and I sat in a room with fifteen women who were laughing and talking and enjoying a nice brunch. Each of these women were invited to the brunch by my mom because she wanted to celebrate spring’s arrival. As each woman arrived, she made her way around the room giving a hug to each of the other ladies whether she knew her or not. This is how they introduced themselves. Some of these women knew my mom from high school, some from prior women’s ministry teams mom had led; some are family and friends she had picked up along the way. But as I sat there I looked as each of these beautiful, godly women and realized I am their legacy.

Mrs. Virginia is the one who got my mom into women’s ministry in the first place which is why I was exposed to it. This exposure was a way God prepared my heart for when it was my turn to lead in women’s ministry. There were women from the team my mom lead many years ago. There was, of course, the “Sister Circle” – a group of women who have been friends for years and know how valuable true friendship is and makes time for it. There were women there who had prayed for me to become a mom. There were women who had known me from my childhood, and there were women who God put into my life through the life of my mom for specific reasons – some reasons I know, and some I don’t. This group of women is just a few who have invested in my life to make it such a rich tapestry, hopefully pleasing to my God. There are many more.

Normally when I think of legacy, I think of what am I leaving my children, but today, I began to think of myself as being the legacy of these women who are ahead of me. Women who have endured hardships, difficulties, health issues, marital issues, child rearing issues, and here they sit, laughing, telling stories, and saying how good God is. These women are my heritage, and I am their legacy. Thank you, ladies. I love ya’ll.

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