Thursday, March 31, 2011

Journey of Faith -- Job Situation

At the beginning of this week, I found out my friends in Texas received their reorganization strategy. There are two main offices in Texas -- Dallas and Austin. They are closing the Dallas office. Those who are offered a job will have to relocate to Austin. Keep in mind there are dual income families. There are families who are taking care of sick relatives. There are those who are not mobile for many reasons.Their plan will be finalized by the end of the year, and those who are moving will do so most likely by June of 2012.

Offices in Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia have been cut in half.

We've been told our plan has been changed a minimum of four times by corporate.

It's distrurbing. I'm concerned for my friends in Texas, and the difficult decisions they will have to make in the next year regarding their families and about their careers.

With all that being said, we obviously will not be hearing about our transition plan at the end of the first quarter. We don't know when we will hear about the future of our office or of our jobs.

While it is easy to become frought with worry and stress, I know my God will supply all my needs. He prepared this job for me before I knew that I would need one. I know that I am not mobile, but even more than that I know that God is working it all out for my good. So I continue to trust, and I will wait. I'm not waiting on State Farm. I'm waiting on the Lord -- those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength (Is 40:31). I'm waiting to see where the Lord will have me serve Him next.

Waiting in the Hands of the Almighty,


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  1. You've got it right, Kristy. Wait on the Lord. Abide in HIm, with your ear pressed to His heart. He loves you. He is for you. And His provision will shine in all of this.

    Love ya!!


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