Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The End of Women's Ministry at Calvary

I have written this blog at least a dozen different ways in my mind since I found out two weeks ago that Pastor Rick was going to close the women’s ministry in Calvary. I have to admit I was the most ill-equipped women’s ministry leader at the beginning of this journey. The first time our church did the Daniel’s fast in January of 2009, God revealed so much to me. He laid out what missions He wanted His daughters to focus on until December 2011. I assumed that after that point He would reveal to me what He wanted His daughters to do in ministry. During that first fast He laid it heavy on my heart that I needed to become equipped. Investigating insurance fraud doesn’t prepare a woman for ministering to women, in case you wondered. And as much as I did not want to go to seminary, this is where He led, so I followed. In June of 2009, I entered seminary taking Master level courses in women’s ministry. This December I will graduate with two certificates (Basic and Advanced) with a 4.0. WOOOHOOOO!!!

I have to tell you being a wife and mom, working a full-time job, leading a ministry, and going to seminary seemed very daunting and overwhelming, but I knew this is where God was leading me. This 2011 year has been a particularly difficult year for my family. My family sacrificed for me to go to seminary. I would go for a week at a time only to return with two 15 page papers, two final exams and four books to read in four weeks…this didn’t include the work I had to do for my online classes. Plus my family began this year not knowing if I would have a job with benefits. We had to wait until August to find out that God had answered our prayers. I would get to keep my job and benefits, and I would be starting to work from home in 2012 – WOOHOO! At the end of March, Patrick began working out of town. I was single-parenting from March until the beginning of August. For all you ladies you prayed, supported and encouraged me during this time – thank you, thank you, thank you. Then at the end of July, Patrick’s mom became deathly ill, and we began trekking 5 ½ hours to see her while Patrick would go every few days. Gynelle passed away at the beginning of September. Two weeks later, Patrick’s 47 year-old cousin was found dead (Gynelle’s niece). The mother of this cousin was admitted to a hospital where she remains. Then this Thanksgiving week, Poppa Bob (Patrick’s step-dad) fell off a ladder and suffered a severe concussion and bruised ribs. He doesn’t remember that Gynelle died. He was flown to Jackson, Mississippi, because of the three bleeders in his brain.

I tell you all of that to say this. I do not believe for one moment that God would have my family go through such hardship to tell me to stop ministering to women. Calvary may not have a ministry for women, but I know this is a calling God has put on my life (often times, much to my chagrin). So what now? I’m not a quitter. I will continue to follow where God leads. I don’t have to defend the work that He led us to do these past 2 ½ years because I can honestly say that everything that was done was prayed over by a godly group of women, and we didn’t move unless we as a team in unison believed this was where God was leading. So, now I’m waiting on God to see why He wanted me to become equipped to do women’s ministry. I wait to see what doors He opens, and I anticipate the adventure that lies beyond because a growing Christian’s life is never dull.

I see more and more women starting ministries outside the church, and the ones I’ve spoken to regarding their ministries, I now understand their choices and reasoning. I don’t know if God will lead me to start a ministry outside the church or work with one that is already established. I just know that women have the same calling to serve and minister in the body of Christ, and I can’t wait to see how God will use me next.

Ladies of Calvary, I love you and I thank you for your involvement, your excitement and your passion to serve and minister. I’m still available for lunch or to meet for coffee if you want to talk. You can still reach me on FB, e-mail, text or phone if you need someone to pray for you, pray over you, or pray with you, please don’t hesitate to call me. You are amazing women, daughters of the Most High God.

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  1. whoa...i don't know how i missed this one. what does that mean for our class? will you still be our teacher? i really hope so because that is ministry - no matter how you slice it. no matter what - God will use all your studies and work them for good in furthering His kingdom.


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