Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Where do I begin? How about the end and work backwards? I lost an envelope that contained a large sum of money and my driver’s license. It was my Christmas fund.

Now to the beginning…last week I met with one of the women on my team for brunch and discussed part of what God had laid on my heart. I asked her to teach a Bible study on a subject, and we purchased the book together. During our conversation, she said she was going to fast in order to detox and to pray about leading this class. We started the Daniel’s fast on Monday. Today is the third day, Wednesday, and she is going to be verbally attacked on our local news, and the money I withdrew to by Christmas presents is missing. I’ve also been sick this week while trying to get my seminary work turned in by next week. So far, I’m wondering, “Why did I agree to do this fast?” Apparently, we have stirred up a hornet’s nest.

Since starting this fast, there is one word that keeps coming into my mind and heart – Indulgence. This word has nothing to do with the subject for which we are praying. I have a feeling this is God’s revelation to me.

I know that God knows where the money and my driver’s license is, and I know that He is more than able to return all of it to me…if that is in His will.

I know that whatever happens on the news tonight or whatever happens with the Christmas money that God is going to work it out. I just have to have faith and trust. Will you please pray with me that whatever happens that God will receive the glory? Will you pray with me that God will use these things that Satan meant for harm us that God will turn it around for our good? He is more than able. He is more than capable. Will you also pray for God’s protection over us and our families? I don’t think the adversary likes what God has placed in my heart.

Spiritual warfare is very real. I’m looking to God to do great things in this fast. I’m expecting Him to give us guidance and wisdom.

I’ll let you know where He leads me regarding INDULGENCE, and how things turn out.

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