Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wants to Thank the Women of Calvary -- this last day in November

Since starting the Women IN Ministry in Fall of 2009, the women of Calvary did amazing things. We were doing the things our pastor was preaching…we were being the church outside the church. I want to take this time to thank the women of Calvary for the following:

• Thank you to the women who attended the very first get-together in the old fellowship hall. The ladies changed tables and answered questions about themselves and met new women at each one. We concluded with a time of corporate prayer, and it was powerful. It was amazing to see how God put a newly young widow at the same table as an established young widow – they had never met before that night. Another woman was led to prophesy to another about the promises of God for her life and the future of her husband in medicine – God is faithful.

• Thank you to the women who came and learned to knit during our Lost Arts nights. We knitted scarves for the Romanian orphans. The scarves actually looked really good. NOTHING like the first one I did.

• Thank you to the women who knitted baby blankets and made the flannel baby blankets that were donated to the Crisis Pregnancy Center. I can’t remember how many they were, but they filled a long table stacked 5-6 high.

• Thank you to the women who donated other baby items to the Crisis Pregnancy Center at the Christmas Tea. Three tables were filled with wonderful things for the CPC.

• Thanks to the women who secured the items for the silent auction at the Christmas Tea that raised over $700 for the CPC.

• Thank you for the women of Calvary who began volunteering at the CPC because of their exposure to it during this semester.

• Thank you to the women who hosted the tables at the Christmas Tea. They were so diverse and wonderful.

• I’m thankful for those of you who invited your family, friends and co-workers to the Christmas Tea.

• Thank you to the women who opened their homes, who taught how to decorate cupcakes and cakes during our Sweet Stars. Those cakes and cupcakes were sold and raised over $600 for the Heart of Hope Maternity Home.

• Thank you to the women who brought their unchurched friends to the Sweet Stars, and thank you to the women who ventured out into these small groups for the first time in an effort to get connected at Calvary.

• Thank you to the women who donated baby diapers for the young mom who found herself pregnant with triplets after having a 5 year old and 9 month old. This young mom had written off church, but as a result of your caring and your love she and her whole family became active until they moved out of Shreveport.

• Thank you to all the women who were the church outside the church and went to Heart of Hope Maternity Home to stock, to clean and to decorate. So thankful you were able to be the feet of Jesus.

• Thanks to all the women who donated pantry items and groceries to the Heart of Hope Maternity Home.

• For all the women who came to the Mother’s Day breakfast, thank you. There was at least 500 + women.

• For the women who participated in Hearts and Feet – this group of women ministered to women in our church who had cancer. They would pray for them, show up at the hospital for a treatment, send them cards and gifts. They were the heart and feet of Jesus. Thank you.

• Thanks to my young’uns. I loved discipling y’all. You are an amazing group of young women -- all of whom are now engaged or married. You all know how to reach me. Thank you for allowing me that honor of investing in your lives.

• Thanks to the ten to twelve prayer warriors that I’ve called since the beginning of this ministry. I’ve connected prayer warriors with women in crisis whether it was a health issues, marital, financial, or other. The warriors were so faithful to pray for those struggling. Thank you.

• For the ladies who started the library of books. We were building a library for women to have access to. With the economy the way it is, we realized that books may be a luxury item for some, and we were offering that as an option.

• Thank you to the ladies who helped fill goody bags to bless the nursery workers and the children Sunday school teachers.

• Thanks to Mrs. Lavahn who was always in the WIM office on Sunday morning in case a woman needed encouragement or prayer.

• And last but not least, I want to thank the wonderful women of the WIM team. There was never one argument. Our focus was on God first and seeking where He would have us go and what He’d have us do. Thank you Debbie for being the calm, consistent force keeping me on task. Thank you Donna for being the powerhouse God has created you to be. It has been so neat to watch you grow and bloom. Mrs. Lavahn, you have made me laugh and smile too often to count. You are a constant source of encouragement. Mrs. Jean, thank you for being so congenial and willing to help. Mrs. Kathy, thank you for your energy and passion that you brought to the team. Deann, thank you for bringing your sweetness and your heart and willingness to serve. Traci, ummm – just kidding. Traci, I love ya. I was really looking forward to working with you on teaching women how to talk to other women about Christ. I’m so glad God had our paths cross. You challenge me. Sunni, thank you for your creativeness and your heart for young moms. I’m so glad you are now that stay-at-home mom. Sally Gaspard, you are an amazing, powerful woman, and it was a pleasure to serve alongside you. Kelly Johnson was also on the team in the beginning lending her passion for the Word of God. Julie Choate with her experience in women’s ministry was on the first team as well and has cultivated and mentored myself as well as others in the church. Love you. Mom, thank you for being willing to follow and give advice and not feel threatened. Thank you for teaching my group of women on Sunday mornings when I needed you to do so. Your wisdom, experience and insight has been immeasurable.

I have so much for which to be thankful. A lot of women’s lives were touched as we were Jesus’ hands and feet, and I have learned so much from you all.

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  1. Thank you!!! For your heart and your boldness. I can't wait to see what comes next for you.

    It was a joy serving on the team. I love you all so much!


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