Saturday, March 10, 2012

From Ideal Wife to Redeemed Daughter -- A Quick Trip

When Pearce was old enough to sit up, I handed him one of his sister’s baby dolls to see what he would do with it. With his dark brown eyes, he studied it. With his chubby, little hand, he laid the baby on the floor, and with his lips, he made this bubbling sound before he slammed the baby into another object. I realized then that the baby was no longer a baby. In the hands of my son, the baby was a truck. I love watching my kids play. They amaze me. They amuse me. They surprise me at how creative they are. We limit television time and have very little time to be plugged into any other gadgets even though my kids have them. I think technology deprivation sparks creativity in the mind of a child.

Rearing a boy is very different than rearing a girl…not because of favoritism, not because of temperaments, but because God created them completely different. We may all be clothed in skin covering bone, blood and organs, but the intrinsic make-up of the little boy’s mind is very different from a girl. At least they are at my house. Boys are very active. Girls are very verbal. Pearce’s creativity comes from being outside and taking things apart. Erin’s creativity comes from being inside pretending she’s teaching. It takes different things to get their attention for rewards and for punishments. I love it. Having one of each stretches me to be creative in order to most effectively challenge and discipline my kids.

When God created woman, He didn’t see her as just another creature of the field. He didn’t see her as another man. He created her as His daughter. In prior blogs, we’ve seen how God parented Adam and Eve. They were both His children, and He parented them accordingly. Even though God had to discipline Eve, He gave her hope in his disciplining. He let her know He still loved her. Eve was going to be the life giver. Her offspring would populate this Earth God created. God knew when disciplining His daughter that she needed to feel love and to know there is hope.

Eve’s sin did not alter how God created her nor her function in the relationship. He sustained her. He could have started over from scratch – after all it was only two people, but He didn’t. Why? Because He saw the value in redeeming them. He sees value in redeeming you.

Wrong decisions or bad choices don’t affect whose you are – You are the daughter of the King. Wrong decisions and bad choices affects your relationship with the King and the consequences may affect your journey, but your final destination has been set. Eve made a wrong choice. Her choice had consequences. Her consequences meant no more late afternoon chats with serpents, a strained relationship with her spouse who blamed her for the fall, and a divide in her relationship with her creator.

Part of the consequences was more intense pain in child birth. Apparently there was going to be some discomfort or pain with childbirth, but due to her sin, the pain would be greater. I wonder if it was greater because she wasn’t going to have her Daddy there talking her through it, keeping her calm.

I found the next consequence intriguing. Genesis 3:16, “Your desire will be for your husband, yet he will rule over you” (HCSB). I have to admit, I’ve really mulled this one over, and I’ve researched it, and I still find it perplexing. I’m choosing to trust God on this, but I’ll explain what I’ve uncovered so far.

What woman in her right mind marries a man not wanting his attention and love? Most , if not all, the women I’ve met wants to be loved by their husband, to be treasured, to be adored and doted on…at least every now and then. I don’t care who they are, no man makes a perfect husband. A good man matures into that lover, spouse and mate. They don’t come pre-made. Just like good wives don’t either.

If you desire or crave something, you do whatever is necessary to get it. How many women have emasculated their husbands because of their own, selfish desires? How many wives have torn down their marriages because they failed to acknowledge their husbands role? How many women have complained that their husbands don’t lead, but it’s because the women have failed to follow?

Ladies, love your man. Let him be the man. Put the pants back on his side of the bed, so he can wear them! You want a man you can respect? You want a man you can love? You want a man who will lead? THEN BE THE GODLY WOMAN THAT GOD WANTS YOU TO BE & get yourself where you need to be spiritually. Build your man up! Pray for your man! Get your pride and ego in check. Submit yourself to an Almighty, Holy God. Repent and seek His face.

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