Thursday, October 18, 2012

Helmet for Big Hair

There was a kid on Pearce’s baseball team that got up to bat and when he swung, the little boy’s batting helmet spun around. It was quite an odd and unusual site. Obviously, the piece of armor we are focusing today is the helmet. The helmet of Salvation. A properly fitting helmet in a suit of armor fits snuggly. It is not built for comfort. It is built for protection. It limits your scope of vision to that which is before you. In battle, the leader goes before his troop. Our focus as Christians is to be on Jesus Christ the One who saved us, the One whom we are serving, the One whom we are following.

Salvation is easy to obtain. Humble yourself. Realize you are a sinner and that your sin will keep you away from God forever. Then ask Jesus to come into your heart and take away your sin. So why isn’t Salvation over the heart then? My personal thought on this is because the biggest mine field Satan plays with is in our own minds. We can be our own worst enemy by what we allow into our minds whether through our own thoughts, what we’ve watched or what we’ve heard. If we are putting on the helmet of Salvation, then we are remembering constantly what it was like before we came into the presence of an Almighty, Holy, Just, Compassionate and thankfully Merciful God, and those thoughts then effect how we live our life and how we look at others and how we treat others.

When I put the helmet of Salvation on Erin in the morning, she’s usually still in bed which means wild hair. If you don’t have curly or wavy hair, you have no concept of what truly wild hair can look like. I remember when she was a baby. I’d go into her room in the morning, and she was just sooooo happy to see me. Oh how I miss those days! She would be standing up, jumping in her baby bed, mouth wide open and hair standing on end like Phyllis Diller. I could gage the amount of humidity by how big Erin’s hair stood. It’s one of those mental pictures I keep in my mind and cherish. Her helmet is not the same size as it was when she was a little person riding a scooter. Her helmet as grown with the size of her head. The depth of the knowledge of your salvation and your faith should be growing. Your head is also a source of wisdom, and wisdom comes from the Lord. Knowledge is also housed in the brain. Your knowledge of who Jesus is, who you are to him, and just how precious your salvation is should mature as you mature in your faith.

Something else to think about...the helmet protects the ears. Remember the children's song Oh Be Careful Little Ears What You Hear? We should use our salvation to filter what we allow into our brains because what we think eventually comes out our mouths and is shown in our actions. If we are focusing our thoughts on redeeming love, then what should come out of our mouths?
One more thing, when you meet someone typically the first place you look is at their face. Correct? If you are wearing the helmet of salvation, then those who meet you face to face would see and should see your salvation on and around your face. Have you ever met someone and just by looking in their face, you knew they were a Christian? Look in the mirror. Are you constantly frowning or scowling? Seriously, if you’re a Christian and can’t find a reason to be grateful or to have joy, then search harder. Does that mean that Christians don’t go through trials? PLEASE! We go through the same trials and tribulations as others, but the difference is we have peace knowing that the God who created us and knew us before we were formed is already ahead of the situation preparing our way, working it out for our good. We just have to keep our eyes focused on that which is before us – Jesus Christ.

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