Monday, October 8, 2012

The WWE of Belts Is a WWJD Belt

We do not watch wrestling in our home for many, many, MANY reasons all involving the boy as you can only imagine. Even though we don’t watch WWE, my son has seen the commercials. He’s seen the buff players. He’s seen the belts! I don’t even know what WWE stands for! But those belts are as big and gawdy and are more bedazzled than a southern girl’s handbag, and my little boy would love to put his hands on one of those belts. Instead, he opts for his cowboy buckle – his momma can stomach that one a little more easily.

So in the morning when we put on the armor of God, I put my arms around Pearce’s middle and with my hands, I secure the WWJD belt of Truth. Of course there is tickling involved. I’ve got to get some fun in when and where I can, and he has a great laugh. Plus, this belt will do more than hold your britches up.

It is the belt of Truth. Jesus is The Way, The Truth, and The Life (John 14:6). He is the One and only way to heaven. Jesus – we make sure we put Jesus around Pearce’s gut.

In my job, I rely on my gut, my instinct, Jesus – a lot. I pray that Jesus will control my children’s guts, instincts, and will protect their stomach which processes the things we take into our bodies utilizing what is good and profitable and getting rid of the rest. The belt also provides support to the torso or the core. Jesus is our cornerstone.

Here’s the thing about truth. Truth does not change. If someone exaggerates the truth, it is no longer the truth. It has in fact become a lie. Satan would like for us to split hairs saying part is true and part is not, but that is how he gets his foot in the door. As I tell my kids, just stick to the truth it suits you better. People need to know that your “yes” means “yes” (Mt 5:37). They need to be able to trust that what you say is the whole truth without any flare for the drama or exaggeration.

So with our Belt of Truth, I pray my children will choose Jesus to filter out the impurities of this world and that they will choose Jesus to protect them from the father of lies. I pray they will choose Victory in Jesus and proudly wear the belt of Truth. As my friend Bo Roberts says when he testifies in court, “I’m a truth seeker.” I want my kids to be a Truth seeker. I want them to seek and follow Jesus while wearing the belt of Truth.

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