Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My First Meeting

I hate being stuck. I hate to struggle. I hate difficulty, and I hate strife. And yet I’ve been doing it for over a year. A necessary process. If the caterpillar doesn’t struggle and squirm to make it through the difficult walls of the cocoon, it will never reach maturity. It will never turn into a beautiful butterfly. I can honestly tell you I’m on the verge of breaking free, and I am a ready to kiss this old cocoon goodbye.

On Facebook I made a request. I asked if any of my girlfriends on Facebook would like to learn how to read and study the Bible and to hold me accountable. I asked them to inbox me. I think I got about 5 responses, and I was thrilled. But the closer the time came for us to meet, there was a number God had been placing on my heart and mind. So acting on faith, I bought 15 spirals of 3*5 note cards something each lady would need. Before the night of the study, two husbands were called in to work, but the ladies assured me they wanted to be present and would make the next meeting. Then Sunday came. I stayed in the bed most of the day and barely had a voice, but when the time came, I got up to go I had energy, and I had a voice. I was eager to see who was going to be there. I had told my mom about the number, and she wanted me to call once it was all done.

I show up at Starbuck’s at 5:10 PM. It didn’t even start until 6, but I was anxious and eager and excited. The ladies actually started showing up around 5:30 PM. One by one by one by one they arrived until there were 13. My 15 as God has promised. I love it when He gives those little winks at us. I’m so thankful I acted on faith.

I laid out the plan for the study, what they would need, what was going to be expected, and as I closed in prayer, I made sure they couldn’t leave until they met everyone there. You see, these women aren’t from just one church or from one part of town. Some are from Stonewall, Keithville, Greenwood, Shreveport, and Bossier. I’ve known one since high school. I’ve met one only once before. Some I know from church. Regardless of how I know them or how long I’ve known them, they came because they wanted to learn how to study the Bible for themselves, and by doing so are holding me accountable.

After the meeting was over, God had a divine appointment for me with one of the ladies. I know it was him because the connection was not one I had anticipated. It was an opportunity to encourage and pray over a woman with similar struggles. God never wastes anything. He can use it all.

One of the ladies sent me an e-mail, and she granted me permission to quote her. Like me she had gotten bogged down and in a funk. She said, “I have been stuck so deep in the ‘Woe is me to see the WOW is He’!”

To see women excited about learning, to see women excited about growing into an intimate relationship with our Savior fires me up. I am so stinkin’ excited. I can’t wait to see what He has in store for this group of women. Don’t you know that God is anticipating a more intimate relationship with each of his girls, his precious daughters?! WOOHOO!!!! Love it. I can’t wait to blog about what I learn during our Bible study time together and during the time spent preparing. Tis so sweet!

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