Friday, April 15, 2011

Has to Have a Sense of Humor During the "Transition"

I've never been good at waiting. Never been good at that "p" word -- patience, and I thank you very kindly not to pray that I might have patience! But waiting is what I've been doing since the end of last year regarding my job. I've also been waiting even longer on some other things in life, but God's timing isn't mine, and that is a subject for another blog.

If you've never lived through a "down-sizing," "re-organization," or "transition" with your employer, count yourself blessed. We were told at the end of last year to expect information about our "transition" by the end of the first quarter. Now we are being told end of May. Patrick and I are considering our options. One may include my possibly wearing a gun at some point. (That alone should make enough people sweat and pray to God that doesn't happen! My momma will be leading that prayer group. HAHAHA) The other is possibly at some point moving to the Austin area. Truth is, we have no idea what God has in store, and probably if we did, it might scare us sense-less. Although, Austin wouldn't be bad...loved living down there. But in the meantime, our lives are in a holding pattern of sorts.

It's good to have a sense of humor when going through this type of situation. My boss and I banter regularly about the "signs." The "signs" that your office is going to close as a result of the transition. So, HERE'S YOUR SIGN:

       1. About two months ago, they removed the snack vending machine from our office and haven't   
           replaced it. That's a sign they are closing your office.

       2. About one month ago, they removed the drink machine and haven't replaced it. That's a sign they 
          are closing your office.

       3. A few weeks ago, the battery in the clock on the wall died, and the clock is stuck at 9:40  
          until the office closes. That's a sign they are closing your office.

       4. Last week an office was told to stop using the shredder bends, and there would be someone   
          coming around to collect. That's a sign they are closing your office.

      We are now waiting to see if they replace the empty toilet paper tubes in the restrooms, AND there are wagers going on how long it will be before the copiers and printers are gone. We've been told our desktop printers will be removed probably within the next month. We don't even dare ask for supplies! But I draw the line at the air conditioning. In case you didn't know, I'm too precious to sweat!

Faith is being sure of what you hope for sight unseen. We don't hope for the things we already have. Keeping your eyes on the goal helps to keep life in perspective. Knowing that God provided this job before I even knew it existed and before I even knew I would need it, I trust that God will do the same again. I choose to believe that God is already preparing my next job for me whatever that is, where ever that is, doing whatever He desires for His kingdom's sake. Does this mean that things won't get tight or stressful? NO! In this world we will have troubles. I just choose to believe that He's got this, and to be able to laugh at whatever I can is a healthy thing because who knows, I may be saying, "Welcome to Walmart," or "Do you want fries with your shake, baby?" Whatever I do, I hope it is to His glory. May He find me faithful.

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