Thursday, April 21, 2011


The last I wrote on my company’s transition, I wrote about things that we found to laugh at. Sometime after I arrived at the office, I went to the break room, and on the way, I noticed THE CLOCK. The clock that had been stopped at 9:40 AM for several weeks now was working and showed 8:25 AM! What am I supposed to do with that? I messaged my boss with the confusing sign, and his quick response was, “You’re living on borrowed time. Someone borrowed a battery.” I thought that was pretty funny. Then I pointed it out to one of my colleagues, and he said he had climbed up there and changed it. He said he was going to “Show the man, we aren’t going down without a fight.” Hahahaha!!!! I thought that was funny. Now the interior door wouldn't scan our ID has since been fixed, but before hand, my boss called dibs on my stapler. I explained someone had already absconded with said stapler and that I was heavily considering booby trapping my chair!

We saw the maintenance man had come up from Baton Rouge, that he was cleaning out the drive-in with a power washer, and had the floor plans for the office. The scheming began. We know our office is closing. There’s no denying it. It’s just a matter of whether or not we will have jobs here or who is going to be moving away. The last time we had a “transition” was about six years ago. A lot of people moved from Monroe to Baton Rouge, and now they may be having to move again.

I know that if my position survives being placed here this go around that it won’t be the next go around. Things are always changing.

So, what do you do when things are uncertain? Where do you turn? What do you do when you stress?

At this point, I choose to use humor. We’ll see what I choose the closer it gets to my looking for a job.

Truth is life is just one transition after another: it’s just some transitions are bigger or more difficult than others. I had to transition into being a parent, and then again to being the mom of two. My body transitioned into some stage shortly after turning 30 and my metabolism changed. My body is transitioning now – I’m known for having my own personal summers at times. We go through different transitions in relationships. Truth is as much as I’d like a nice, dull rut to lie down in and stay for a while, I don’t know one soul who has a stagnant, non-changing life. It’s how you handle transition. What PERSPECTIVE do you choose to view life through? Perspective tells people A LOT about your faith – in case you don’t know. It shows whether or not you’ve matured or are in the process of maturing in your faith and trust in God. OR it can show your immaturity…blush.

So for now, I choose humor. I choose to trust that God has this thing covered and taken care of. What about you?


  1. As a child, you hated, abhorred, detested change!! Any time there was a change on the horizon, your dad and I started as far ahead as possible just hinting about the change to come. Change hits on our security. Hopefully, as we "mature," our security goes from being based in ourselves to Someone who can REALLY do something about the change.

  2. I remember sitting in the bathroom with you at SGBC as you cried over having to change schools your senior year. I remember when you moved from the house on Colquitt to the house on McCutcheon (that has WAY more character btw).

    Yes, change can throw us for a loop, but with Christ, we will always land on our feet, right sis?

    I love you. Can't wait to see what God has in store for the both of us. (I have another job interview Tuesday)


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