Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Transitional Thursdays – An Immediate Change Effective Thursday

As if we don't have enough changes to anticipate, let's throw an IMMEDIATE change effective Thursday. Patrick leaves tomorrow to work storm damage in Arkansas. I will be single-parenting it through the end of the school year. It's nice that he will be working close by, so we can go and see him occasionally. The last time he was called to work storm was when Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita. Pearce was barely a year old. He doesn't remember it, but HE WILL remember it this time. Patrick has promised a special prize for each of the kids when his job is done.

Oh, yeah, and I have another "sign you know your office is closing." You know your office is closing when you go into the office, and you have no connectivity for the computers. Yep, went in this morning, and the computers would not connect. SOOOOO, I loaded up my gear and worked from home. Apparently the storm knocked out our business connection, and it doesn't appear they will have it corrected maybe by Friday…I AM NOT COMPLAINING.

The storms last night were horrific. Wave after wave of storms. Tornado sightings and warnings in multiple parishes – for those who don't live in Louisiana, we have parishes not counties. Lightning, hail, wind-blown rain so heavy you wouldn't be able to see a tornado until it was on top of you, thunder, and wind – it's what we call "spring" in the south. It was a tumultuous night with little sleep. Families huddled in closets or hallways covered in pillows flanked by flash lights and weather radios. Such demonstrative power of an Almighty God who wasn't even putting forth any effort is mind-blowing. If my God can whip up a storm like that without breaking a sweat, He most assuredly can handle last minute transitions. (BTW, they aren't "last minute" to Him.) He can handle big transitions and small glitches in our day like computer failure.

Whatever you are going through, God is bigger. Whatever you are struggling underneath the weight of, He is stronger. Whatever fear you are facing, He has never dropped anyone, and no one or nothing can pry you out of His hands. Your name is engraved in the palm of His hand. He's got this! He's got you!

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