Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Learned a Lesson about Fear from Pearce

It is the second week of Pearce’s first grade. His teacher is Mrs. Gretchen Lary who has known Pearce all his life because Pearce at one time was the object of Anna Kate Lary’s affection…much to Gretchen’s chagrin. Anna Kate was too young to have a boyfriend. She was 3 at the time. But I have to say, Pearce is a charmer. He knows how to open doors and pull out the chairs for the girls. At any rate, I am so thankful that we are able to provide a Christian education for our children. Each teacher has such an impact for the kingdom of God on each student present.

Today at school it rained. Why is this significant? Because it has been one of the hottest summers on record, and one of the driest. We are in a drought. And today’s rain was no ordinary rain. God was showing His muscle and flexing His might. There was lightning and thunder, downpours of rain and a rumor of a tornado. My son has very few fears. His biggest fear is lightning and thunder. He can move at the speed of lightning to make it into my bed if there is a storm while we are at home. So today, when the storm came, my heart sunk, and I thought about my son and his fear. We’ve talked many times about casting that fear in the lap of God and about praying till the fear goes away. Still, I wasn’t there with him.

All of the students were moved into the hall because of the tornado watch that was issued, and when I asked Pearce how he did with it all, he said, “Momma, I just had to put that fear behind me.” I know Gretchen had to have said this, but when Pearce spoke it, he spoke it with such confidence. “I just had to put that fear behind me.” (Thank you, Gretchen! Love ya, girl!) And just as a side note, if you aren’t praying for your children’s teachers, you need to do so. If you aren’t praying that God will put godly men and women and friends into the lives of your children, start today. It is a life changer.

Shortly after school let out, my sister took Pearce to my mom’s house because I had taken Erin to a doctor’s appointment. If I were to ever believe in reincarnation and had to come back as an animal, I would want to come back as my daddy’s dog. Daisy is a terrier who has her owner trained. Due to the 100+ degree temperatures we’ve had in July and August, daddy has allowed the kitchen door to stay open into the mud room to help Daisy stay cool. Like Pearce, Daisy has a fear of storms too, so much so that she will break the rule and run into the kitchen at the first collapse of thunder. If the kitchen door is open, Daisy will make a break for the den if she can make it. So, as Pearce and Honey (my mom) were leaving the kitchen, there was a little, shaking dog who was scared of the thunder going on outside. It was then that Pearce turned around and said, “The Lord be with you.” I promise you I think there is an old man inside that short person I call my son.

When I was young I had few fears. I don’t know if it was lack of intelligence, lack of sense, or a feeling of being invincible, but I just didn’t have many fears. You’ve heard of fight versus flight? I always chose to fight regardless of the size of my opponent. But now as I’ve gotten older, I see that fears have penetrated my heart and my mind. Maybe it’s because I have more to lose. Maybe I’ve gotten a little smarter. Whatever the reason, life preservation is in over-drive.

If you are struggling with fear, I encourage you to cast it into the lap of our loving Savior because He cares for you. I encourage you to pray about everything instead of worrying, and as Pearce learned today, put your fear behind you. If your fear is behind you, then there is nothing blocking your view of your Savior.

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