Monday, August 29, 2011

Good Grief -- A Granddaughter Remembers (Erin's Entry)

My G has short, curly, and gray hair. She is a little short, and she could be stern sometimes.

I would go to her house for one week during the summer. Sometimes I went during Spring Break and Thanksgiving. G lives in a big house, and she has an upstairs. Her guest rooms are really pretty, and most of the time pretty clean. She has two cats – Peaches and Panther. She has a dog named Dottie who is a Dalmatian. Poppa Bob is her husband. He drives busses for kids. He has a key to the family life center and that’s where they get their ice and that’s where Poppa Bob takes us to play in the gym and upstairs.

When we see G, she takes us to the Dollar Store, and we get toys. Then, she takes us to the park. They have this bridge, and it looks like drums. It’s kind of scary to go over it. The first time I tried it G held my hand and walked beside me. They also have a big, giant slide and that’s really fun. Pearce, G and I had a picnic at the park. She also helped me to go down the big pole that is there.

At night, she reads us stories and does puzzles with us. During the day we play with a miniature, iron stove. She lets us borrow some dry noodles and dry beans, so we could pretend like we were cooking. She also had plates we used. She came outside and played with us when it wasn’t too hot. Madeline Mullins (my cousin) and I had a tea party outside with G, and we got to drink real tea. Madeline and Walker Mullins, Pearce and Me and G had a parade with the flutes that G gave us. She would sometimes do bubbles with us, and she’ll toss the football back and forth with us.

We went to the beach one time during the summer. We were making a sand castle, and then a van pulled up, and it could probably only hold six people. But all these people started coming out of there…like 20.

At Thanksgiving, G would always burn the bread, and she made cranberry sauce. We had our Christmas presents at Thanksgiving with G because we wouldn’t be back for Christmas. Every Thanksgiving, we had hayrides, and one time I was on a hayride with my daddy and all the sudden the end of the tractor fell. The hay fell on us. We also had bonfires where we would make s’mores, and mommy almost burned hers. My mom makes the best s’mores.

The last time G came to Shreveport, she came to hear me sing. After the concert was done, we went to Shane’s, and we ate at midnight. When we came back home, I was tuckered out, and I was done partying with the cows.

If you don’t know my G, she loves to cook and garden. She is very kind and thoughtful. She likes to sew. She made me dresses that I still have.

Please pray for her. She’s sick.

I’ll miss her taking us to the park, riding the four wheelers, and doing bonfires.


  1. Oh, how sweet are these words. I am praying hard! Thank you for sharing, Erin.

  2. I love this. Great job, Erin. This is a keepsake for years to come. Will be praying for your G.
    Donna M

  3. I'm so sorry Kris...I can only imagine the agony you feel trying to deal with your own grief while trying to support Patrick and the kids. I love you. I don't have the answers, but I love you. And I'm praying.


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