Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pre-First Grade Jitters and a Lesson on Faith

Last night, Pearce was restless. He could not get settled to save his life. Finally, I went to lay down with him in his bed, and as we snuggled up, I asked him, "Pearce, what's on your mind?" He paused for a moment, and then he said, "Mom, I'm a little concerned about going into first grade. I really don't know what to expect." I told him it was similar to kindergarten but without the nap. We knew who his teacher was, and he has known her since as far back as he can remember. He was concerned about his friends from last year. What class did Eli go into? What about Mason? I assured him he would know some of the kids in his class and would quickly make friends with the new ones.

I reflected on that conversation as I was beginning to prepare to my small group on Sunday. We are going to be talking about faith. They are responsible for finding Scriptures on faith and examples, but the bottom line is this – I can tell them what faith is, but I can't do it for them. I could tell Pearce what first grade is going to be like, but I can't be there every day walking him step-by-step through the curriculum. He has to do it himself. Faith is just like that. I might be able to tell you what faith is (but I may not be able to do it well), but I can't grow your faith for you. Faith is active. It is not stagnant. It requires you to work it out in order to strengthen it. You have to do the work. No one else can do it for you.

I can't wait to get deeper into God's Word and to teach about faith, but the bottom line is that each person will have to work out their own faith. God will have to work with each individual person to work it out. You want faith? Are you serious? Be sure because God is faithful He will teach you and develop your faith because that is just the kind of God He is.

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