Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Has a New Baby

On January 30, 2012, we got a new baby, and it was all Pearce’s doin’!

When Erin heard we were getting a new baby she was so excited. She immediately claimed that the new baby was her baby…after all, Pearce had claimed Jade as his. Jade is our 13 year-old, miniature Beagle. Jade is not the smartest dog on the block, but she is by far the happiest (and I’ll take that any day). She makes me smile. We call her the “Welcoming Committee” because she greets us coming down the driveway every day. When Pearce heard Erin take ownership of the new baby, he said, “Hey, they’re free! We could get two – one for me and one for you!” It really is a slippery slope when you are dealing with a kid like Pearce. He’s too smart for his own good sometimes.

I was a reluctant participant anyway, so I really stuck to my guns about getting just one puppy. I liked the name Sunshine, and Erin liked the name Angel. SOOOO, our new baby’s name is Cletus.

Just kidding…Her name is Sunni Angel. She is a Blue Heeler – Border Collie mix. I call her a Heelie. Both breeds are very smart and are herders. My ulterior motive for agreeing to get the puppy is because Jade is getting old, and she really doesn’t play with Pearce much anymore outside. I wanted a dog like Kelly. She was our first baby. She was a Shepherd-Chow-Heeler mix (looked like a Red Dingo but with a spotted tongue). Kelly was the outside momma. When Erin would swing on her tummy, Kelly would bark till she sat up to swing. One time when Pearce was about three and in the backyard with Kelly, she started barking up a blue streak. I couldn’t get there fast enough to see what he was doing wrong, but I did get there in time to see Pearce put his chubby little finger up to his lips and “Shhh” the dog. She was tattling on him. I miss Kelly. I hope that Sunni will play with Pearce outside and keep him corralled…that’s my hope.

SOOOO, since I work from home guess who is house training the baby. Yep, me.

I have to admit I love puppy bellies and puppy breath, and they are so much fun to watch play. The first day, we had some accidents, but we scooped her up and took her outside. When she did her business outside, we all but did the happy dance. We praised her and loved on her for doing the right thing.

Last night (01/31/2012) was her second night here, and she only whimpered about 15 minutes when I put her in the kennel for the night. When I got her out this morning, her kennel was clean and dry. Good girl, Sunni! Good girl!

I’ve been thinking a lot about my attitude lately and especially my attitude towards my husband and children. God has been really convicting me about how I’m going about being a wife to my husband. Sometimes I want to harp on the negative. Sometimes I don’t want to lift a finger to help anyone. Sometimes my tone is short and biting. Sometimes I’m just downright cranky and unpleasant to be around. And then it was as if God held a mirror up to my face and showed me how I was treating this puppy with Words of kindness...Warmth…Compassion...Understanding… Encouragement.

But God, she’s a puppy. She appreciates it when I play with her or feed her. She loves on me and gives me kisses. She doesn’t have a pre-teen attitude with a mouth to go with it. She doesn’t have a temper tantrum when she doesn’t get her way. I don’t expect her to pick up after herself. She’s grateful. She looks to me for companionship because Jade sure isn’t having any of it. Feed my sheep. Sir? She’s a dog. Feed my sheep.

I start digging and find John 21:17, “…Simon son of John, do you love me?” We know Peter’s answer is yes, and Jesus tells him to “Feed my sheep.”

Do you love me, child? You know that I love you. Feed my sheep.

You will notice Jesus didn’t say, “When they get their attitudes right, feed my sheep.” He didn’t say, “When they exercise self-control and gratitude, then feed my sheep.” I am to feed His sheep because of my love for HIM! My attitude towards God, my admiration, affection and love for God should come out in the way that I feed His sheep…My family is His sheep. I should speak Words of kindness…Warmth... Compassion...Understanding...Encouragement…to my family because of my love for Christ. It’s my attitude that needs changing. It’s my attitude and my thought process that I have control over.

Lord, help me to see people as if I’m looking through your eyes. Help me to show your love, your compassion, your empathy, your service to those around me. Yes, Lord, I’ll feed your sheep. Help me.

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