Saturday, August 22, 2009

...desires the "Wait for It Moments"

"This is the 'Wait for It Moment'." I love seeing my children using their imagination.

"Ladies and gemtleman," he cried, "boys and girls." "Heeere's Erin!" Erin comes strolling into the room donning a blanket held around her neck by her hand. This is obviously a magical cape. Anyone can tell that.

I'm sitting there grinning at their conjoined effort to put on a magic show when Pearce admonishes me and instructs me to clap. I do my best golfer clap which is dwarfed immensely by Pearce's hardy applause.

Erin has placed one of my white laundry baskets on the bench with a blanket inside of it. She tells about each toy she puts into the basket. Then she covers it with another blanket and adds a few light books on top and then another blanket. (I'm going to have a load of laundry to do after this is, but if that is the fare for the show, it is worth it!) Erin loudly says her magic words which by the way, are not "hocus pocus." (I was corrected.) And without removing the top layers to show that the toys were missing beneath Erin said, "And the toys have disappeared." Pearce claps wildly giving me the look like, "Clap or I'll call the bouncer." So I clap and laugh. "Now to make it reappear." She swings her magical cape all around the laundry basket two or three times and says her magical words and begins removing the blankets and toys to reveal their appearance. To which I applaud.

Removing the basket, Erin says, "Do you see this blanket on the bench?" I nod still grinning. "I and my magic cape will make it disappear." Erin makes the grand gesture of sitting on the draped blanket. Looking at her audience, me, "This is the 'Wait For It Moment'." I am grinning bigger now almost chuckling. She slightly elevates off the bench trying to be ever so craft to slip the blanket off the bench towards the back. Then in one swoop, she and her magic cape swirl off the bench and to the side where she bows. Of course, I clap with enthusiasm trying not to eye the blanket on the floor.
I have to say when Erin told me, "This is the 'Wait for It Moment'," I truly was anticipating her next move to see how she was going to work out her magic. You know, anticipation is not a bad thing. It's not a bad thing at all. Too often we want things immediately and will do anything to have it immediately including throwing adult-sized temper tantrum for everyone to see. But what's wrong with waiting for it?
As Christians this life is completely our "Wait for It Moment." Our life here is temporary. This world is temporary. I am eagerly anticipating Jesus Christ's return. I am excited and am waiting for that moment while I live my daily life.

Are you eagerly awaiting the moment? I hope you are looking forward to it and are as excited as I am about His returning one day.

May your day and night be blessed with the "Wait For It Moments" and may you be thankful for them!

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