Tuesday, August 25, 2009

...Needs to Know She's Worth It (AKA Love without Fear)

Warning: Some of my blogs are light-hearted, but this one is from my heart and what God has placed there. This is a burden too many women are carrying around when they don't have to.

Born and raised in the conservative, Southern Baptist home and school, I heard a lot regarding hell, fire and brimstone. People were often scared into their salvation. "Fear is the beginning of knowledge," the Bible says, but it also says a whole lot about God's love, and I'm seeing more and more women having difficulty realizing, accepting and living in their role as a daughter of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Women living in fear of making the wrong decision and God's retribution. Women living in fear that they aren't as godly as they should be. Women living in fear, living in fear.

I would like to point out a few things...well, maybe more than a few. It is true that fear is the beginning of wisdom. Those who do not know God should fear Him because there will be a day of judgment for not only our actions but our thoughts, but those who have repented and asked Jesus to forgive them and come into their hearts have a new role. Ladies, we are no longer convicts strapped to the sentence of death. No, we are the Redeemed, the Daughters of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

I John 4:16 -21 lays it out for us that God is love, and there is no fear in perfect love. Fear has to do with punishment. Ladies, once we have been redeemed our debt has been paid, our punishment was nailed to the cross allowing God to adopt us as heirs. Does any of this ring a bell to you? Now, let me say this before anyone runs amuck. There are natural consequences to when we step outside of God's will. He deals with us as a perfect Father would out of love...NOT LIKE THE DAY OF JUDGMENT.

Not only that, but some women are so afraid of being outside of God's will that they are afraid of making a decision in fear that it is a wrong decision and God will get us. Christian ladies, the Bible says God knows the intent of your heart. Since God knows the intent of your heart and if you are earnestly seeking His will, why would He strike you down if you went the wrong way? Don't you think He would lovingly bring you back on track? He wouldn't. He's not that kind of God.

One other question, how can we bring our problems to a God we fear? Aren't you afraid that He will find your wants and needs ridiculous? But we are taught that we are to take everything to Him. We are to approach the throne of our Heavenly Father as His daughter. Claim your title. Claim His love for you.

You are precious and special to Him. You are like no one else He has created. He created you. The Bible said He knitted you. He knitted. Do you knit with your mouth or your feet? NO! You knit with your hands. He hand-made you an original. He knew you when you weren't even known to your parents. He knows the numbers of hair on your head. He knows the number of your days. He has preordained your footsteps. Does that sound like someone who wants to make His daughter fear Him? Those are verses from a loving God. The same God who loved you so much, knew you were going to screw things up (me especially) and created you ANYWAY! He thinks YOU ARE WORTH IT! YOU ARE WORTH HIS COST! YOU ARE WORTH HIS SACRIFICING HIS ONLY SON FOR! YOU ARE WORTH IT!

You may have not had a loving father, and you may not have a loving husband, so the idea of having someone love you this much may be uncomfortable, but you need to get use to it. You see, God's love for you NEVER changes. It is the same as when you were conceived to the day you go to be with Him. He wants to heal you in those secret broken places. He wants to touch those scars built up around your heart. He wants to draw you in so close you can hear His heart beat.

My prayer for you today is that you will not only KNOW that God loves you, but you will feel His love for you, feel His arms around you, feel His hands holding your broken heart. He will not hurt you like humans can and do because He is GOD.

I also pray that you release your grasp on your fear and throw your hands up like a small child who want to be picked up by a loving parent and hold on to the never-ending, never changing love of your Heavenly Father who thinks you are just precious. Can you see Him nudging an angel, pointing you out, and saying, "Look at her. Isn't she wonderful? I love her so much. I can't imagine this world without her."

I pray too that this blog will bring healing in His name to whoever may read it. Amen.

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