Friday, August 14, 2009

...Needs a Wife

A "Kristyism" is a phrase or word either I create, mess up or use. For example, "Every woman needs a wife." Now do we really NEED a wife? NO, but wouldn't it be nice? Wouldn't it be nice at the end of a day of work and picking up the kids and taking them to their events that you arrived home and the house was clean, the laundry was done, and an excellent meal was there for your family to consume? OH MY GOODNESS! I would think I had died and gone to heaven. Do you think we could put in our request for a mansion in heaven to have our own wives? That would be a little piece of heaven on Earth for me.

You know what else? She would be the one to go to the grocery store and buy supplies. She would be the one who would put away the laundry. I don't mind washing and drying them, and I fold them when I get to watch a little TV, but the putting away is such a drag! OH, and she would clean out the refrigerator when it needed it. This is awesome. I'm loving it. What else could we think up for her to do? Change dirty diapers for young moms. Take out the garbage since my husband can't seem to get his one job done (actually, he does, but not when and how I'd like it -- that's a blog for another day). Cleans up after dinner, so we can spend time with our family. Knows how to massage and gives me one once a week right before I go to bed. Okay, so I'm going out there a bit. The point is wouldn't it be nice to have someone to share your many roles, responsibilities, and commitments? And couldn't we justify so many of those.

If she did this, then I could _______________...(spend more time with my kids, finish remodeling the house, work on my scrapbooking, volunteer more, have more time for Bible study and my walk with God, work on my marriage).

I love the saying, "Women need a wife." It is something that most women would agree upon instantly creating unity, but if we look at it a little deeper, we may it's not as perfect as it seems. God's design for marriage and the home is perfect. The result of Eve's sin and the fall is that we are responsible. We are responsible for creating a loving environment in our homes. We are responsible for loving our spouses and children. We are responsible for the well-being of the little dahlins' God has entrusted to us. So what, the house isn't from "Better Homes and Gardens" and you can't eat off the kitchen floor. So what, your strong-willed child is wearing clothes that don't match. So what!

Our goals and priorities laid-out in the Bible and under the umbrella of protection of God's will and our husband's leadership should be our focus, and everything else will work itself out. We also have a powerful little word that is not used often enough, "no." Will you volunteer and do this? No, I can't but thanks for thinking of me. Would you pick up my kids and keep them after school this year? No, I don't think so. Would you make a casserole for this sick family in our class? Since we've turned down things that are not in our priorities and goals laid-out in the Bible or under the protection of God's will or husband's leadership, we have time to say "yes" to service, to help, to nurture. Saying "no" allows you to say "yes."

And did you know that telling your children "no" actually prepares them for the real world and it won't kill them?! (That's a blog for another day though)

Let's be wise women for God. And it doesn't hurt to have the dream of having a wife, does it? (Practice it. Say it.) NO.

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