Monday, August 24, 2009

...has some questions to ask

The boy is standing on my last white nerve. My fuse is beyond short. It is below the quick, and yet he is relentless in his aggravating and irritating ways. I am ready to jump out of my skin, wig out, loose what little mind I have left -- you get the picture. Ever get tired of repeating yourself, being a referee instead of a mom, being asked to do something before the little dahlin' has even tried for herself or himself? Of course this is the time when Pearce will choose to remember verbatim what I have said and will recite it as if it were his own words at a later date.

Questions, questions, questions -- When is supper? What's for supper? Where are we going after school tomorrow? What's for supper tomorrow night? When will daddy get home? Why? Will you help me with my homework? What does this mean? All perfectly normal questions, and under most circumstances pretty benign, but right now, my nerves are frayed, and I haven't even spent the whole day with them! (Thank you, Jesus, for Mrs. Braud and Mrs. Linda.)

The questions remind me of the questions we were taught yesterday by Kirk Cameron, Ray Comfort, Todd Friel and EZ. I'd like to pose these questions to you:

  1. Do you think there is life after death?
  2. Are you a good person?
  3. How many lies have you told in your life?
  4. If you tell lies that makes you a ____________. (Liar)
  5. Have you ever stolen anything?
  6. Then that makes you a ___________ (Thief)
  7. Have you ever looked at someone with lust in your heart?
  8. Then that makes you an adulterer because Jesus said if we lust after another then we have committed adultery in our hearts.
  9. Have you ever used God's name in vain?
  10. That's blasphemy to use His name as a curse word.

So according to God's law, the Commandments, you are a lying, thief, adulterer and blasphemer. Do you still consider yourself good?

If someone raped and murdered your mother, and the case is brought before a judge, should the judge let the convicted go free without punishment? Of course not. He/She wouldn't be a good judge then. God is a good and fair judge, and one day He will judge us not only for our actions but for our thoughts.

God is the ultimate judge, and everyone will have to stand before Him one day and be held accountable for what we have done. Would He find you innocent or guilty?


Sin is punishable by death, but the Bible says that Jesus paid our fine in God's court. Jesus paid it with His life's blood. He died on a cross, so we wouldn't have to go to hell.

Then we are to ask, "Does it bother you if you go away from this place and are killed, you will go to hell?" We definitely don't want that. Then we ask, "Do you want to pray and talk to Jesus and settle it for sure right now?"

Questions. Why is it some questions can get on my nerves and yet other questions are so necessary? These questions are so necessary. Our world is not headed on a good track. It's not. People are dying every day busting hell wide open all because they thought they were good and that God would forgive them. What a tragic thought, isn't it? So, will I risk getting on some one's last white nerve to ask them the question, "Do you believe their is an after-life?" or "Do you think you are a good person?" Yes, yes I will.

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