Monday, August 3, 2009

Need to Know that Other Women Get It

There is something so sweet about the fellowship of women -- the sound of laughter, the sound of their voices blending in song and worship, the feel of being embraced by a sister in Christ, the feeling of compassion from another when our heart is breaking. I just love women who love Jesus and have a heart for women.

Women need other women. We are communal in nature. It is how we were designed to be...that's not to say we don't like our quiet, alone times though (I refer to those moments as my Mental Health Moments).

How comforting is it to have a woman come up alongside when we are struggling in our lives, and they understand where we are? Especially when they don't try to fix us. How blessed are we when we have a girlfriend who allows us to vent, rant and rave and act like a lunatic just so we can get it out of our system in order to handle and live with our family? How sweet is it to get an encouraging e-mail, phone call, text or card from another sister saying, "God loves you and so do I"? The warmth of this kind of friendship is like a soft blanket out of the dryer on a cool day. You just want to snuggle down in it and stay for a while.

What kind of friend are you? Are you the kind of friend that you look for in others? Just curious.

Last night, we had a women's ministry meeting at my church, and I was blessed to be in the company of other women who get it. The common thread that coursed through us was the love of our Heavenly Father. It was bonding. You know, it's hard to have a disagreement or hear negative, snide remarks when we are limited to saying things in a positive manner and praising God. I am so thankful that the Holy Spirit made His presence known. What a sweet time of fellowship and worship! Thank you, Jesus.

Of course there was food -- it wouldn't be a Baptist event if there wasn't food. There was laughter. I introduced the women on the team by the movie star who would play them in a movie. Jean Davis' movie star was a hit -- Mae West! And as we had the women move from table to table based on different categories like month of their birth and so forth, the questions went from light-hearted with women laughing to the simple question of "Tell Me Three Things You Struggle With." I participated some, but when I started feeling the Holy Spirit moving, I got up and went and sat alone to watch His work unfold. I saw women exposing their hearts; other women grabbing their hands and encouraging them with scripture; I saw women laying hands on another praying for her. To say it was an awesome experience would be an understatement.

Then we went into a time of prayer -- corporate prayer. Corporate prayer incorporates quiet time to listen and feel the Spirit lead you in a word or sentence prayer as led by the leader. It was POWERFUL! Thank you, Jesus!

Women are hungry to know that what they are going through is not unique to them. To hear that what they are experiencing and what they are feeling are normal and that they will make it through to the other side.

Women are hungry to connect to their Savior and to other women, and I was blessed to see women connect to both this past Tuesday night.

I had been praying for this meeting for some time and started praying for the women by name who were invited to attend. There is something very personal when you pray for someone by name. And what is awesome to know is it doesn't just happen in one particular denomination. It is a direct result of a relationship with Jesus Christ.

I attended Proverbs 31 Ministries -- She Speaks Conference in North Carolina this year and met some wonderful new friends through an old friend. I went to classes where I didn't know a soul, but the women there were after one minister to women and love women as God would lead them.

Isn't it nice to know that another woman gets it? She gets where your heart is. She gets what it means to have an active relationship with Jesus Christ. I am so thankful for those women in my life...and you know who I'm talkin' about girlfriends! I love ya.

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